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Uncertainties , Humanity

JM2001 posted this thread...
on Apr. 5 at 9:18 am

Have the world gone crazy ? have we gone stupid ? or have we improved so much that we do not see the little barriers that makes problems serious ? are we following this mentality that we improved in so many areas, for the greater that we know what’s best and everything ? have we gone blind that we do not see we are going against values or “duties” ? how crooked can human kind be ?
I am shaking that we as human have stopped helping others mainly unless it benefits us in some ways. Clearly, we are in the era of capitalism, no wonder why sociologist was right about values and belief changing over time. It changed for the greater good but we as human tend to be so proud of the progress we make and do not really see how we can improve and do better.
I know I sound angry and dissatisfied about my surroundings, but I am not. I am just curious; a young teenage girl having a lot of unanswered questions . Still trying to find answers. This has been my quest for so many years . It is a thorough search that requires a lot of mental power from my brain as I’ve been trying to keep it inside me and hidden from the world. Not anymore, now, I guess.
I am questioning about the situation we are currently in. Have we learnt anything from this outbreak ? The COVID-19, aka coronavirus originated in Wuhan, china. It was at a seafood market in this area that it all started before being officially classified as “ a global pandemic” by the WHO.
I heard someone saying that” it all started with a scientist developing this virus and releasing it by mistake without knowing the dire consequences of it”, but then I head another person loudly speaking “ no silly ! the government of china created it intentionally to limit their population. This makes more sense than your story “. However, another one added “ Uh ! you both got the wrong info by the way… actually a guy in Wuhan ate a bat. That’s how it all started”. Confusion faded into me; everyone had their own little story, but which one is true ? what if none of it is true ? No one knows, funnily who knows maybe the solution lies into the problem itself ? Maybe, I’m just wrong after all I’m still a child, who barely knows the functionality of the world, inexperienced as one could say.
I know I sound like someone who is absorbed or more obsessed with the COVID 19 but I’m trying to give out my point and opinion using this disease as an example and a way for me to elaborate what I feel in words. Expressing myself and communication can sometimes be my weakness. It’s just who I am. I am very introvert, but I try my best to be extrovert in order to balance out.
My point is what is this disease testing from us ? collaboration? patience ? Uncertainty ? management ? Union ? Humanity ? well actually all of it. The idea that we must help each other no matter where you are from , how far you are. We need to have each other’s back, not as a nation but between nations as humans. We are all humans that the common similarity. That person who is sitting next to you, might also be a child, a teenager, a brother, sister. I believe we are all connected after all we share a common ancestor which is the first human being on this planet. Thus, I personally wished people in politics had brains (sorry for the insult), but yes someone who thinks only of their own country and not others, creates only division and more severity in the Earth. The whole explanation of war /conflict creation. The sole solution is for everyone to be aware that we may have a lot of differences , so what ? we are all humans, we are all going through the same situation.
The best we can do is pray or hope that people are successful in their battle against the virus in the hospital. Doctors and nurses are doing their best. What we can do us, people who are ordered to stay home is to be indoors and hoping this situation get over. We should take every ounce of precaution that we can. Go out only if you need a small walk or buy necessities but not more than that.
A disease that we are all tackling should be discussed between nations and decided as a whole planet and as humans what can we do to save each other. Something that helps everyone and that’s my definition of humanity . In my eyes, we are failing in it. Why ? the governments did not take the precautions on time. The US and UK were very late, I’m afraid that we can see how the number of deaths is rising which is normal for reaching the apex, but this rate of death daily could have slowed down if the precautions were applied earlier. I am still shocked to hear on CNN that in some states the orders of staying indoors is not really emphasized in fact VOLUNTARY . I am so sorry but staying indoors should be COMPULSORY.
I know there are something that’s not in our control like the spread of the virus but their small things in this matter that the government and us can control which impacts the spread. We should take advantages of it , even if its small. The power of social distancing and humanity. It’s time to stop thinking about yourself and taking care of others. Its time to stop fake news too.
There is going to be more countries affected and more things coming up ….

JM2001, Geneva, Other
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