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CRAZYBELLEE posted this thread...
on Apr. 22 at 5:29 am

My title is very much suggestive of the day being consumed by regular workloads, dramas back home and also watching INDIAN television epics like MAHABHARATA AND RAMAYANA. There are various types of activities one wants to consume their daily life into during this period in quarantine. We have always wanted a time when we should be free and be able to do all those simpler lucrative and productive activities which can keep us calm. Obviously when we would get back into the real world of competition and struggle, we would regret what we did out of this time that we had actually got to explore ourselves and enjoy and to express all those talents which had been hidden in us. THIS TIME IS THE TIME TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF US, AND TO UPDATE US WITH AS MUCH KNOWLEDGE AS WE CAN.

It is popularly said that time and tide waits for no man. We have the boon to welcome our potential and to do all those activities which had been kept concealed inside the cupboard for long in terms of the book you haven't read, or that instrument you have been wanting to play, or building bonds with family members who you have been unable to spend time with. It is all that is required. It is all that is quintessential in this need of the hour.

We might not be able to acknowledge the depth of our own culture and being enlightened by our own family members can never go in vain. Every culture has its own beauty and magnificence. It is at this time that we can develop, discover and dazzle...

CRAZYBELLEE, Mumbai, Other
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