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exams the fear of all

risha17 posted this thread...
on Jun. 20 at 6:18 am

Exams the fear of all
Wherein we give the toppers a late night call
Whereas there’s no going to the theatre, park or mall
For answers we look all around the hall
In this process from chairs we may fall
Teachers always put the toughest questions
Which always make sure to give us tension
The toppers are the target
And all the backbenchers always manage a bargain
Of sneaking the answers from behind
And the toppers are rarely kind
The teachers examines the room like a hawk
Because of her we can’t look, walk or talk
But there are always some cheat masters
And to the teachers fake smiles they plaster
They always manage to sneak a peek
Because they know they haven’t studied all week
But all this have their own fun
Cause after the exam we always get buns

risha17, Indore, Other
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girl_with_the_words, Chinhoyi, Other
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on Jul. 26 at 4:33 am
wow amazing

booklover_711, New Delhi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
it is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities
- professor Dumbledore

booklover_711 replied...
on Aug. 5 at 1:17 pm
oh my god this is soooo relatable!!