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Trapped Forever In A Black Room

Pragyu posted this thread...
on Jul. 5 at 5:24 am

Time had given me a beautiful scenery though,
They keep snatching those times from me.
I thought the threads that I chose had woven pretty nice,
Yet I didn't realize, to me, they had never been right.
For long those papers had I embraced, that had words written with my tears,
They simply came running, burning them all.
Never did I dream big but yeah, hoped infinite
But less did I hope of getting trampled by them.
I let myself quiet, shut and dumb for a while
Yet they took away the eyes that just dared to shine.
Now all I do is choke all day, looking to be set free,
But alas! they have gone their way, erasing all windows and doors from this black room.
Dear all,
I have written this poem keeping myself at the place of a black person. I believe like you all do that black lives matter and this poem is just an example of what they have been facing since time immortal. It is time to take a stand. Hope you have a good time reading this poem.

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