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Window to the Soul

September 27, 2015
By Vika_Hope SILVER, Loch Arbour, New Jersey
Vika_Hope SILVER, Loch Arbour, New Jersey
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"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says,"I'm possible!"-Audrey Hepburn

Hello, I’m Victoria, and I would like my image to be featured in the upcoming issue, this photo has quite a story behind it, a friend and I were discussing what we like in guys, and she said,”It’s the eyes, you can see a whole person through their eyes, if the eyes don’t give you that bubbly feeling, that’s it, don’t bother" and I really took that to heart, thinking, someones eyes could be beautifully tragic, the calm before a storm, so how to you even read that? I don’t think anyone really can, but I think when you find that someone, it becomes instantly clear, the kind of persona they have deep within them, what they’re capable of. So, I flashed a camera at my own eye, to try and read it the way a gypsy reads a palm, but I couldn’t quite grasp my persona, it’s difficult to know who you are, even when you’re that person. So after staring at my laptop for ten minutes, I decided to play with the picture a bit, and realized that a contrasting frame, e.g.:the black and white, would highlight my deeper design. I came to the conclusion, that subconsciously, I see my shell as a black and white cold being, while inside, it’s a mumble jumble of crazy excitement, I saw this as a perfect picture for the upcoming holidays, because even as winter approaches, the cold cannot quell the excitement and craziness within all of us. I frowned when I saw that most of the picture, I edited to black and white. So, I found that the picture was telling me to balance out my two personas, through my subconscious. Thank you for reading, I hope I am selected for this up coming issue

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