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Scorpio SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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In the end, we will only conserve what we love, we will only love what we understand, we will only understand what we are taught.
-Baba Dioum

By poojrs
Santa Clara, California
poojrs, Santa Clara, California
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By XyChloe
Sanjose, California
XyChloe, Sanjose, California
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By rosemarymelon SILVER
Garfield, New Jersey
rosemarymelon SILVER, Garfield, New Jersey
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Wouldn't the world be better off if we took nonsense more seriously? (Marvin Yagoda)

By abbiebarrows
Jupiter, Florida
abbiebarrows, Jupiter, Florida
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By Ananya19 SILVER
New Delhi, Other
Ananya19 SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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The decisions that you don't make in life, will be made for you