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My grand jete

April 30, 2021
By Juanitavargas, Bogota, Other
Juanitavargas, Bogota, Other
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Camila is the protagonist of this story, and Camila's hidden secret is that she likes dancing very much, but her subconscious tells her that liking that is not right. This happens because she has a very strict mother who always forced her to dedicate herself to academics, mainly mathematics, and Camila from a very young age always wanted to be the best in everything because it was the way she found to make her mother proud. her. A new girl enters Camila's school, the new girl is called "Rose". She is a ballerina. Camila and Rose become best friends, and Rose encourages Camila to go to her dance class, but Camila refuses. Later, Camila has a math contest that was very important to her, but she loses it. Camila at that moment sees the disappointed face of her mother and thinks that her life no longer makes sense, that she is a loser and gets depressed. Days later Rose manages to get Camila out of her house and takes her to her dance class, where Camila has a very magical moment in which she connects with dance and music, and feels that fire inside her . At that moment we realize that this is her true passion, and she also does not notice. Time passes and she continues to go to dance classes until her mother discovers her and scolds her and tells her that she is useless for doing that, to which Camila tells her that she has always lived the life that her mother wants and that is what she likes. She and her mother argue but in the end her mother understands and supports her.

Juanita V.

My grand jete

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