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All Because of You: Saving Justin

February 11, 2011
By shawtymanelova BRONZE, Williamsburg, Michigan
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shawtymanelova BRONZE, Williamsburg, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"No matter how talented you are, not everybody is going to like you, that's just life, stay strong"- Justin Bieber

The author's comments:
The whole story is over 3,900 word so I'm breaking it down into small portions.

Charlie’s Point of View

“Charlie you’re going to miss the bus! Hurry, get up here.”

“Calm down Mom. Geez she will wait for me.” I roll my eyes as I walk out the door and head for the bus.

Yea, it’s another Monday. I get to wake up at five in the morning just to go to some place for seven hours. Then, I get around two hours worth to do. And after that, I have the opportunity to be in the same house with three bratty four year olds. Everything happening five days a week every week. Goody me!

I have fillers for my trash can of a life though. Yes, I have friends I’m not that desperate. My girls, they’re my excellent support system. They’re like a good fitting bra. Well supportive and snug. Back to my friends, I have 5 best friends, but, I’m not going to tell you about them yet. You can find out later.

My feet step upon the dirty, black, slushy steps to my source of transportation: A short bus. Not that I’m mental or anything it’s just that our bus is shorter than others; explaining the name. I am greeted by my humble, jolly bus driver Char. You gotta love Char, she always has a smile on her face and she gives us little treats on special occasions.

I find a seat; plop myself down, and look out the window. It’s frosted over because of the frigid winter nights. My breath melts the frost, revealing the moving scenery. All dark and white, very calming. So calming that I start to doze off, until Char turns on the light for someone to find a spot to sit. When the light finally turns off I am relieved. The bus takes a sharp turn and I know exactly where we are: Waters Edge Dr. As we proceed to turn around, my eyes notice something out of the ordinary. Even though it’s dark, I can see red snow and a rather large brown bag big enough for a person to fit into. I need to know what’s in that bag.

“Char,” I yell out. “I don’t feel good. Can I go outside for a bit? Hopefully my plan will work.

“Sure Charlie, make it quick.” I quickly walked out of the bus, and ran across the street to be awaited by the bag.
Justin’s Point of View (A few hours earlier leading up to the present)

“Get your filthy hands off me!” The skin on my wrists was starting to burn from the rope he was wrapping around them. I tried to break free, but I had no success. My body was suddenly being pushed into a chair.

“Ha, no one is coming to get you. Sit back and relax it’s just you and me boy.”

“Why did you do this? What the h#$! do you want from me?” Anger went from my brain to my foot. Without thinking I kicked the man in the stomach, and he fell to the floor. I instantly regretted it. My whole body was terrified. As soon as the man caught his breath and stood up, I closed my eyes to try to find my happy place.

“Don’t touch me. You touched me so I can touch you.”

“NO! Don’t!” I was trying to make the man struggle to grab me, when his large, dirty, strong hand grasped me at the waist. As a person I was now no longer to go on. I needed to let the man do what he wanted and hope for the best. I kept my eyes shut not letting them open.

The author's comments:
This one is a little bit longer because of the song part.

Still in Justin's POV
Fifteen minutes later the man finally stood up from the floor and turned on a light revealing an empty room with only a chair, blanket, large brown bag, and door. On the door hung two pairs of pants. One was mine and the other pair was the man’s. He let out all his frustration and anger on my weak, defenseless body. The man put on his pants, grabbed the bag and started to walk towards me.

“How ‘bout we go for a ride huh?” I stared at the ground knowing there was nothing else for me to do.

The man shoved my head into the bag along with the rest of me. From there, he lifted me up and rested me on his shoulder. We must have left the room and were outside because of the cold air. A car engine started and I was thrown onto a hard, metal surface. My whole body ached in pain. These were probably going to be the last moments of my life. Life as Justin Bieber. I had everything I ever wanted. An excellent mother who gave up everything so I could sing. There’s also Scooter and my awesome team. They helped me pursue my dream as a singer. And finally, my fans. I love them so much. I don’t know where I would be without them.

The car started and I was now freezing to the bone because of the low temperature. It wasn’t that long until we took a sharp turn and came to a halt. The man stepped out of the truck, closed the door, and pulled down the back of the truck.

“You scared Bieber?” He sounded actually calm and relaxed for what he was doing. But I was scared. The man pulled me out of the truck bed and hoisted me over his shoulder. We walked down a rather steep hill that must be a ditch. From there, the man dropped me onto the cold, hard snow. The next thing I know it sounded like a gun. I was positive because of the click from the safety button. My death would be from a gunshot.
(Gunshot noise)

“Hahaha, nighty night Bieber.” The man walked away, jumped in his car, and drove as fast as he could to get away from the scene. In a matter of minutes I would no longer be able to see my mom, talk with Scooter and my team, and see all of the beautiful faces of girls who loved me. Wait? Where did I get shot anyway?

I franticly began to search for the gunshot wound. Sweat was dripping from m forehead. My hands came across a large hole in my leg. Suddenly my body switched into panic mode.

“Is anyone out there?”

No response. I was waiting to die. I want to end my life partially happy. Sing. Singing is ninety percent of my living, it will end that way.
* See I never thought that I could walk through fire.
I never thought that I could take the burn.
I never had the strength to take it higher,
until I reached the point of no return.

And there's just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
Gonna give everything I have,
It's my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (Make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up up up,
And never say never.

I never thought I could feel this power.
I never thought that I could feel this free.
I'm strong enough to climb the highest tower.
And I'm fast enough to run across the sea.

And there's just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
gonna give everything I have,
Cause this is my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (Make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up, up, up,
and never say never.

As I ended the song, I swore I was hearing something. Something like a bus. I tried to move but my hands were tied together too tight for me to escape. My eyelids were getting heavy. The inside of me was about to go to sleep and never wake up. I had no choice but, to give up.

“Goodbye Mom. I love you.” It was so hard to talk so I whispered those last five words, as I slowly started to drift away.

Charlie’s Point of View

My breathing was intense as I ran over to the bag. It was tied at one end with blood all over. I quickly untied the tightly knotted rope as fast as I could. To my surprise there was a boy inside the bag. He was seconds away from closing his eyes. His jeans we covered with blood. I lifted his head to check for a pulse. As, I lifted his frail, lifeless head his body slightly moved. He barely had a steady heart beat. I knew this boy was badly hurt. I needed to save him. His as in Justin Bieber, just looking at him made all my feelings for him as the teen heartthrob, put aside.

“Hey, hey, hey I’m here. You’re going to have to open your eyes for me okay?” At first, I had no hope for Justin. It looked like he was laying here injured severely for at least for over an hour. My opinion changed when I saw him try as hard as he could to get his eyes open for me. Once he had opened his eyes, it was like a weight being lifted off both of our shoulders. After Justin had regained some but very little strength, he managed to say a few words.

“Who are you; and where am I?”

“Well I’m Charlie, but let’s not worry about me right now we need to get you to a hospital.”

It’s seven in the morning, and we are nowhere near a hospital let alone Elk Rapids. Idea: the bus. Char will understand when she sees this. All I had to do, is get Justin up and to the bus that is over ten feet away.
“Justin you’re going to have to try really hard with me to get up and over to that bus. Okay?” Justin looked over to see the bus before answering my question.

“Let’s do it.”

From those weak, quiet words I knew Justin was a strong fighter, he was going to survive. Together we managed to get Justin up on his slightly better leg, and out of the ditch. After a couple stumbles, we eventually made it to the bus. Char figured out what I was doing after we had gotten out onto the road, so she cleared a seat for me. As soon as we got on the bus, Char told the other people that another bus would pick them up at the hospital, so they could get to school.

“Hang in there Justin; you’re going to be fine now. Just stay with me.” I looked into Justin’s eyes and he grabbed my hand. His eyes looked down at our hands and a smile grew upon both our faces.

Right as our bus pulled into the hospital driveway, there were medics waiting for us. When the bus came to a complete stop, at least five people barged on to get Justin. It was scary to watch as they were checking his vital signs. Justin saw the in my eyes, that I was worried for him. He mouthed: “I’m going to be okay, don’t worry.” Then he was whisked away. There were people running all over the place. I walked over to the waiting room and sat down. My head fell into my hands on my lap. Minutes later a lady and two men ran into the lobby of the hospital.

“I’m looking for my son, Justin. Is he okay?” The lady must be Pattie Mallette, Justin’s mom. But the other two must be Kenny, Justin’s body guard and Scooter Braun, his manager. Yes, I know some Justin Bieber stuff.

“Sorry Ma’am, you can’t see him he is in an emergency surgery. For now you’re going to have to wait.” Pattie buried her head into Scooters chest for a bit after hearing the startling news. The three slowly walked over to the waiting room Scooter put his arm around Pattie and started to pray.

“Lord, please keep our Justin safe today. We love him unconditionally and we would like to see him happy again. Thank you Lord, amen.”

I need to tell them what happened.

“Excuse me Ms. Mallette. Um hi, is your son okay?” I tried to act like I didn’t know anything about Justin Bieber at all. Pattie exchanged looks with Scooter and Kenny before answering.

“No, he’s not okay. All we know is that someone found him on the side of the road in a bag with an injured leg.”

“Oh, well that someone is me.” Pattie’s eyes widened. “On my way to school, I saw a bag large bag with red snow surrounding it. I wanted to find out what was in the bag so I walked over to it and found your son inside. I had my bus driver take us to the hospital where we are now.”

“Wow.” Pattie and I were getting along well; she pulled me in for a hug. “Thank you for finding him. We don’t know why that man wanted Justin out of billions of people.”

“Yea what actually happened?” That’s all I really wanted to know. Why would someone take Justin? This time Scooter spoke.

“Well, from security cameras, we know who abducted Justin. Detectives say that the man’s daughter, who had cancer wanted to go to one of Justin’s concerts, but couldn’t because of her death on the day of the show. The family was devastated.” From here Kenny took over.

“He was furious, so he took out his anger by abducting Justin.”

There was utter silence between the four of us. Shortly afterwards a doctor came in and sat down.
“Ms. Mallette, I have news on your son Justin.”
Justin’s Point of View

There were tubes and wires all over me. I still felt weak and limp but my mind was on that Charlie girl. She saved me. Without her I wouldn’t be here.

I just had my surgery and the doctor went to go tell my mom, Scooter, Kenny and Charlie what the deal was with me. I also asked him to bring Charlie in so I could talk to her. My room had a window that could see into the waiting room. I could tell Charlie was surprised of what the doctor told her because she lifted her head really fast. She got up and the doctor walked her to my room. I looked somewhere else so it didn’t look like I was watching. Charlie came in and the doctor smiled. I nodded letting him know he could leave. And he did. Charlie stood in the middle of the room looking around.

“Nice room, umm do you feel okay?” She seemed out of place I needed to make her feel comfortable and welcome.

“Come here,” I patted on the hospital bed signaling her to come and sit. “I’m fine; I have a broken leg no biggie. I know we hardly even know anything about each other so I want to know everything about you.”

“Okay I’ll start. Full name: Charlie Jessica Brown. Gender: female, but I act like a dude sometimes. Hair color: brown. Eye color: green.”

She went on and on until she came to some interesting things.

“I enjoy talking to my Justin Bieber standee when I'm bored or lonely.” I let out a laugh and let her finish. “I am an only child. When I was getting g older, my parents were worried about me being by myself all the time. On a random day, it just appeared in my room.

I also like the color purple and writing. But what I really like to do is swing on my swing.” This girl is amazing. Everything about her is. The way her eyes sparkle in the light, how her smile is the cutest thing I've ever seen, even her freckles. I let her keep talking and kept my ears wide open, until we were interrupted were interrupted by my mom, Scooter, and Kenny. I was overjoyed to see my mom. My mom and I are super close, ever since my dad left. We go everywhere together. I couldn’t imagine a week without seeing her.

She attacked me with hugs and kisses. I missed her so much a few tears came out.

“Oh Justin,” There were tears escaping her eyes too. “I’m so glad this fine young lady found you.” Scooter wrapped Charlie in for a hug. She was now a part of the family.

“The doctor told me that I have to stay here overnight for observation. Other than that, I can go home tomorrow. I have a broken leg that has to be in a cast, so I can use crutches to get around. Can we still do the tour?” My mom looked at Scooter and her smile faded away. Scooter came over two my bed and layed his hand on my shoulder.

“I don’t know Justin. You’re going to be in that cast for a long time. We’re going to be traveling around the country. I think it would be best if we postponed the first six weeks so you can get better.” I was bummed about the tour, but my health came first. There was silence in the room, until my mom remembered something.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Justin the ‘Today Show’ wants to have an interview with you and Charlie.” My mom looked at Charlie and back at me with hope in her eyes. I looked at Charlie and she nodded with approval.

“Sure why not.” It was getting to be around noon and I knew my mom, Scooter, and Kenny all had things to do, so I let them go. Now it was Charlie and I left.

We talked and laughed. These moments with Charlie were wonderful. I needed to be with her more.
Charlie’s Point of View

This is great. I get to spend time with Justin Bieber. Who can say that actually had a one-on-one conversation with him? What’s next?

“Umm, Charlie, I was wondering if you could stay here with me and kinda sort of be my nurse.” Wow didn’t see that coming.

“Sure I will stay with you only if you want me too.” Don’t worry Charlie you and Justin are just friends nothing else.

Justin wasn’t that bad. I thought hospital people were annoying. Oh well. But Justin had me mad once. I have to admit it was funny though.

“Charlie! Can you get me a Coke please with sprinkles and a cherry on top?”

“Sure Justin.” I came back with a Coke and a straw.

He said thank you as I handed him the Coke and straw. Justin took a drink and gave me a weird look. “Is this diet?”

“Yes it’s diet. The machine didn’t have any regular.”

“Oh, I don’t like diet.” Justin gave me the can back. “Can you try to find a regular please?” He then did his famous hair flip and started to make a sad face. I couldn’t resist.

“Okay, I guess I can. Only because your awesome hair flip made me.” After I said that, Justin did his hair flip again right as I was leaving the room.

“I came back into Justin’s room with a regular Coke in their trademark glass bottle. Let’s pray I don’t have to go looking again.

“Here you go, a regular Coke.”Justin grabbed the bottle and looked at it. Without even taking a drink from the Coke, he handed it back to me.

“What now?” I put my hand on my hip and took the bottle from him.

“I hate the bottled kind. It tastes weird.”

“Well too bad,” What’s wrong with this boy? Coke tastes the same even if it’s in a can or in a bottle. I tested that theory. “I'm not getting you another one. Drink the Coke.” I put the bottle so close to his face that it made him go cross eyed.

“Fine” he sounded like a five year old giving into taking really bad medicine.
Justin’s Point of View

It was getting later in the day, and by the looks of Charlie getting slower and slower, she was tired. She needed to rest. I was making her do a lot of stuff for me. It was fun.

“Hey Charlie, come here.” I moved over on my bed so we had enough room. “Lay down.”

“Okay?” It seemed only the least bit awkward, until I flashed a small smile and she finally layed down. She rested her head on my shoulder and I turned the T.V. off.

“I know you’re tired. Go to sleep, I’ll be here in the morning, I promise. I'm not going anywhere.” She let out a laugh and her eyes slowly started to close. I intertwined my fingers with hers as she drifted off to sleep.

The author's comments:
This last one is short but I will try to write the sequel as fast as I can. Thanks for reading!

The Next Morning (Still in Justin’s P.O.V.)

“Good morning beautiful.” I stretched out my arms putting one around Charlie.

“Thank you handsome.” I laughed right as my mom, Scooter, and my friends Chaz and Ryan came into my room.

“Aye! Ryan! Chaz! What are you doing here?” Charlie hopped off the bed and I held out my arms to get hugs from the both of them. I felt bad about being all excited, because Charlie must feel out of place.

“Chaz, Ryan this is Charlie. She found me right before I died.” Chaz and Ryan were both stunned but both gave Charlie a hug. They were huggers.

“Ya your mom called us and said you were found and that you were in good hands.” I looked at Charlie and she giggled. “And, she wanted us to come watch your interview.” Chaz is the talker. Ryan wasn’t

“Yup, what he said.” Ryan had a cheesy smile on his face and I laughed.

“Justin I talked with the doctor and he said you were free to go whenever you want to.” My mom handed me some clothes to change into. “It’s only six thirty so if we leave in a half hour, we could be right on time for your interview.” I okayed it and everyone leave my room so I could change. I just had to figure something out.
Charlie’s Point of View

We arrived at the ‘Today Show’ studio and were prepping for the interview when Justin pulled me aside into a dressing room. He held my hands and smiled.

“Look Charlie, you are a very special girl. And you know it. That’s why I like you. You’re different from other girls. Over the last few days I learned a lot about you. I need to ask you something.” Where’s Justin going? I thought we were just friends.

“What? You know you can ask me anything.”

“I know. Charlie Jessica Brown, will you go out with me?” I stopped, let go of Justin’s hands and sat down on a couch to think. He lifted my head and looked into my eyes.”

“I don’t know Justin. I don’t know.”

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shawtymanelova BRONZE, Williamsburg, Michigan
3 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"No matter how talented you are, not everybody is going to like you, that's just life, stay strong"- Justin Bieber

sorry im working on getting more done. with a life like mine its kinda hard. if you have any suggestions though my ears are wide open.

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