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True Love

May 14, 2011
By Dineswarynair BRONZE, Georgetown, Other
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Dineswarynair BRONZE, Georgetown, Other
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Author's note: A 19 years old girl having a true love and able to love a different man that contrast from her life. True love always based on heart and real care but not based on money..

My name is Divya and I’m 19 years old. I hate to be a student because life of a student is a boring life style. It is 6.30am!!! Oh my god…It is early morning. I should get up early. I have to go class and have to submit my thesis and assignment. My roommate informs me that she is not coming to class today. I know I will feel very boring without her in class. WOW….new lecturer...He is hot. I love to flirt. Well, flirting is my hobby. Our new lecturer giving his facebook email address to all us and request us too add him. I was thinking…actually what is facebook? Should all young kids and teenagers have to own a facebook? Way to going back to my hostel, my friend walks across me. I stop and ask her about facebook and what is the function of it? She explain me that facebook is just a social networking page. We must create an account and can make friends with this entire world. Then, I feel it is interesting. After, reach my room, I just turn on my laptop and create an account in facebook. I need to send request to make friends in facebook.Therefore, I ask my roommates to suggest me some good names randomly. They suggest me a person named Vincent. Then I search for him in the facebook.Finally, I got him.Oh my god, he is very cute and good looking. I show him to my roommates, they are shock and tell me he looks so gay and his dressing style is exactly like a girl. Ehrmmm but my heart says he is cute. Then I send him friend request. He accepts my friend request within few seconds I try to flirt with him but he just ignore me. He avoids me?? Maybe because I’m 6 years younger than him…could be…since first day I like him so much. There are butterflies in my heart when I start to think about him. Does he is a gay? Or my roommates just trying to fool me. Then, I create a fake facebook profile and it is a male facebook profile.I just want to test him whether he really a gay or not. Then I send a friend request to him and again he accepts my friend request within a few seconds’. I try to flirty with him and seeking for his mobile number so I send him a message to his facebook in-box to ask his mobile number. He just replies my message in a split seconds and he give me his mobile number. I try to text him via mobile. He always will reply my message and finally he tell me that he is a gay. It shocking news for me but I couldn’t react much because he thinks I’m a young man and gay as him. I just keep on texting him every day, suddenly,I receive a call from his number.Oh my god…what should I do now? If I answer he will know that I’m a girl. God please help me but I want listen to his voice. My heart starts to beat fast. Then I reject his call and I text him that I will call him after 10 minutes because I’m busy now quickly call my brother in law and tell him everything and I ask my brother in law to talk with him. After 10 minutes I divert my incoming calls to my brother in law mobile number. Then I text Vincent to call me. So whenever he calls me, the call automatically diverts to my brother in law mobile number and both of them talk each other. After a few minutes I call my brother in law and ask what they were talking about. My brother in law tells me that they just talk some craps. But I feel pity for him and I shouldn’t lie to him, so I text him and I admit myself that actually I’m girl and I just create a fake male facebook account just to get your mobile number and be close with you. The next day itself he blocked me from his facebook and he changed his number.

I just forget about it and busy preparing myself for my exams. After exam all of us back to home for two month semester break. At home I don’t have anything to do, so again I start to chase the young man. I create a new account in facebook named Princess Pupu because he blocked me previous facebookok account so couldn't reach him and he changed his mobile number. So I send him friend request again and he accept my request after an hour. I check my chat!!! Vincent is online...very excited…I start to chat with and he replies all my messages in the chat box. I get know that he is looking for a job. So I plan to look a job for him and ask him to send his resume to my email address. After few minutes, he tells me that he send his resume to my email address. He thanked me. I quickly check my inbox and I download his resume.Oh my god, I just seeking for his new mobile number but now I’m having a complete details about him. That night itself I apply job for him. I just 19 years old and I don’t have any experiences in applying jobs. So I request a help from my elder sister and she teach me to do so.I feel like want hear his voice, so I call him and I don’t know what to talk,my heart is melting and my hands are shivering ,I just ask him some questions regarding the job application. Just think that his voice make my day. Then, we start to be close but I don’t have the dare to tell me real identity to him because I know he won’t forget name that easy. So I lie to him about myself including my name, age, and date of birth send him my photos and we just be very close. In the while being close with him, I feel he is a gentleman, I feel I want a husband like him in the future. I don’t care whether he is a gay and jobless but I slowly I fall in love with him and I decide to propose him email him about my proposal. After he read my email, he text me that he is shy and I propose him in a cute way. But he refuses my love because he is a gay, jobless, and not an educated person. But I love him so much…even what happen he is my husband and he is my man. He is from poor family, his mother is a rubber tapper and his father is a normal factory worker...he is the elder son in the house and he have two siblings to look after. So after I know all this I want him to be happy as me and I try to help him.

Today morning, my friend Sintu call me…she is my best friend, so I tell her everything that happen between Vincent and myself .she is shock and she start to scold me. She tells me to think before I do something. She tells me he is a stranger. You never had met him before and u just sees him in photos and how sure you are that he is a gay and from poor family. Don’t make people fool you because you are so naive. I start to cry and I type a long email that I scared to be with him and I’m worry that he will play a fool with me and I send it to his email address. The next day itself he message…he says he don’t think that our friendship should be continue because we are hurting each other and he says he won’t text and call me after this and I must do the same start to cry. I never eat and fall in sick and almost faint. My elder sister calls him and scolds him. He says that I go after him and I force to love him. He told my sister that he knew everything about me. He knows my real name and age. He still remembers me but he never ask me anything because he doesn’t want to hurt me. Then my holiday is going to finish…I went back to hostel and suffer each and every day can feel that he is avoiding me. I cannot concentrate in my studies.I'm not being myself. But I know he is happy there...from that moment I know he is not deserve for my love and he hates me so much…all this while he just act as if he like me so much. He is a sweet talker. He love to hang out with his friends in the club...he is an alcoholic (sometimes).I knew all this since before but I still make my heart strong and I love him deeply. Does he lie to me that he is a poor kid? How he can hang out with his friends’ everyday while he being jobless? But I still trust my love. He won’t lie to me because he is a gentleman. He stop messaging me and call me. I will miss him to the maximum and I will text him but he won’t reply me. A friend of mine added him in facebook and she tells me that he is in love with someone else. He went to watch movie with someone and he is in love with that particular person. Again my tears drop feel like someone poke my heart with a sharp knife love him so much and I couldn’t take it when someone try to own him and his love. I call my mother and cry to her. My mother try to call him but he never pick the call. He even never bothers about my mother. Why he doing all this? Then my brother in law call and advice me…I try to divert my mind…at that moment I know there are lots of people love me so much and I just ignore them for him. My friends make me smile. My lecturers start to advice me and hang out with me. My brother in law and my sister drag themselves to my universities and spend time with me. His photo will be my laptop wallpaper, so whenever I turn my laptop I will start to cry .Even though he never cheat me but he hurt me a lot and never give respect to my mother, and I know he will pay for my tears one day..I will always suffer each time I see his photos but I don’t have the ability to fall in love with other man. I just concentrate in my studies..Time runs so fast.5years I’m a doctor and I feel want meet him because just want make him regret because he missed me .I look back his resume and get his house address .I go to his house and I get know that his mother force him to marry a girl and now he having two princess. He is happy I guess. I want him to be happy even he is not mine.I'm just unlucky to get him. His wife his lucky...but I’m very happy because my love is true…I cannot love another man…he will always will be in mind and heart…his sweet memories, his sweet voice, sweet smile and his cute face will. But I’m very sure that he will pay for my tears one day.

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on Aug. 14 2011 at 12:41 am
PennyM.L SILVER, Lynwood, California
7 articles 0 photos 53 comments
I only read pg 1 but it feels really rushed :/ 

hemalatha said...
on Jun. 23 2011 at 4:09 am
superb story dear

ganesh said...
on Jun. 23 2011 at 4:09 am

nice story...:)


ashkutty said...
on Jun. 23 2011 at 4:08 am
im so touched.