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Road Trip to College

July 29, 2011
By Fitzgerald96 GOLD, Folsom, California
Fitzgerald96 GOLD, Folsom, California
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O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
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In your early teens you may be eager to begin preparing for college, but it can be monotonous when all it seems you can do is get good grades, and study, and study, and study... It seems most other options are closed to you at your age. An easy thing that you can begin doing is reading great books. Many colleges will ask for your reading list, so if you are already a voracious reader it is vital that you record all the books that you read. But if reading is to you as lemon juice is to a wound you should consider reevaluating this priority so when you fill out your reading list on your college applications you will have something more impressive than the back of the Cocoa Pebbles cereal box. By seeing what you have read colleges can get an idea of what you have been exposed to, your abilities in critical thinking, and analytical skills. said, “English (often called literature) is one of the majors most frequently recommended by law-school deans. Moreover, if English turns out not to be the major selected, and then it should be considered seriously as a minor.”

Not only will reading great books help you get into a great college it will also grow you as a person, and if you give it a chance, I believe, you may even enjoy it. Not all classics are the same. Try different eras, authors, and styles to see what interests you. Maybe you will prefer non-fiction. There are excellent choices in non-fiction such as: biographies, social studies, economics, social economics, or books on commerce and politics. Try it all, you might be surprised by what you like. Reading will not only help you on your Road Trip to College but also in life, making you a more informed, compassionate, and quality individual. Mark this as a landmark on the road to a successful, and fulfilling life.

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