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The Blueprint

December 11, 2007
By Anonymous

Since the beginning of time humanity has been defined by a set of lines carefully mapped out for us by our ancestors, but the lines are beginning to fade as the boundary between brilliance and insanity, authority and corruption start to merge, as so in this advanced world of cures for aids and jumbo jets why can we as a civilization not save our integrity? When those before us dreamed of the future they must have imagined flying cars and robots, not of mass death by those of bordering or far-away nations and pollution so bad that some can no longer see the sun, but that still does not answer the question of why there is such a lack of morals in this world, but most of all why is there so much cynicism. What happened to the days of life long marriages and optimism? I guess there long gone now but can they be brought back? We can’t predict future but we can change the road we are going down before we get to deep. I find it a sad world we those around us lose their sense of reality. Its like the more we evolve as a specie the more addicted we become with our lust for more than our parents before us could offer. As Alfred Adler once said “What we lack determines what we become”. I find that idea that he believed is so self explanatory that I don’t know what I can say other than it is so true. The difference between wants and needs in first world countries have really converged I feel that children must learn the difference. What morals could they possibly learn if all they see on the news is Paris Hilton being put in jail then released then put back in? That is not news that young children should see. More news coverage should be about environmental issues not drunk celebrities. It seems we have created a society which feeds upon others misfortune an order to make ourselves feel better. What can do to create the equality which our world craves since it began? All I can say is that we must learn ourselves and teach future generations that judging people and looking down on them only heightens the wall between those who achieve and those who fail, those who are found and those who are lost.

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