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Piece of First Year Coursework

May 19, 2011
By ilovechurchilltoomuch BRONZE, Penzance, Other
ilovechurchilltoomuch BRONZE, Penzance, Other
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Delving between realms

The search for a paranormal child

As human beings, it seems to be in our nature to hope beyond the given, general path of nature, towards a paranormal realm that predicts our fortunes and fears, and grants us contact with loved ones of a past age, with mystic powers that overwhelm our ignorant, ordinary minds. A ‘rational’ reality just is not good enough – and so it shouldn’t be! But how do you find a genuine medium amongst the oh-so-prominent front of frauds? The answer, I’m sorry to say, is not as simple as some may wish; and is often down to nothing other than luck.

Kate Pearson lost her son, Daniel Pearson, two years ago on the 25th of August 2008; he was just 18 years of age. The boy had sported a staggering appearance; his vibrant blue eyes had been the perfect compliment to his untameable golden hair. He had aired a ‘faultlessly beautiful composure’ that could only be matched by the softening generosity and painfully modest attributes of his personality.

The night was to start off with the intention of celebration. “I hadn’t seen him that happy in months” Kate recalled exclusively for our interviewers. With his final A – level well and truly under his belt, Daniel set out for a hectic night on the town – a hectic night that’s events would engrave themselves in the minds of many, for all the wrong reasons.

Five of Daniel’s closest friends accompanied him through every major club Brighton had on offer, each taking turns in buying the rounds in each different chaotic venue. Quickly the group of youthful celebrators became detached, pairing of intentionally, and unintentionally, until Daniel found himself alone. Making the best of a worsening situation, Daniel swiftly established himself amongst the crowd, having shouted conversations with varying members of it. “He seemed like a fun lad, brought us all a round of shots and said his mates had done a runner. We all felt pretty sorry for him, so stuck with the guy for a few hours. What happened... I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.” – Harry Underbridge would be the one to call the ambulance. At five minutes to 1 o’clock, Daniel Pearson collapsed; he would never get back up again. The 18 year old was pronounced dead on arrival at Royal Sussex County Hospital. Two ecstasy tablets slipped, in what is believed to have been a benign nature, into Daniel’s drink had provoked a fatal reaction.

After months of unforgiving anger towards the pool of catastrophic ignorance and helplessness the disaster had presented itself in, and the irrepressible grieving for her son, Kate Pearson realised with reluctance what she wanted, what she very desperately needed, to do to ease her mind enough to find the strength to live on without her son. Kate Pearson needed to speak to Daniel. “The urge escalated with every passing hour. I just wanted to hear his voice.” The mother had not heard her son’s final words, this, above anything, drove her forward in what she would decide to be the only option. It wasn’t long before a friend recommended a ‘ghost whisperer’ that a family member had used, and was apparently very grateful for the “awe-inspiring” service she had recieved. Kate told our researchers how she was dubious on first hearing, obviously she had heard of such things before – but all on infamous grounds. Despite the negative hearsay surrounding the local woman and her ‘work’, the desperation Kate felt to make contact proved to be an unbearably influential force; and so an appointment was booked.

The medium does not want her name to be published in this article due to privacy issues, and so will be referred to as Amanda. The 59 year old woman first answered the door to a the shadow that was once Kate Pearson on the 6th of January 2009. “Christmas without him was toture, and in many ways the last brick in the path that led me to Amanda”. Tea was served, in the proper english manner, before any questions were asked; but before long the point of the visit was be reached.

Amanda talked about everything other than Daniel, avoiding it with a purpose. Median’s are often portrayed as childish magicians – their skill being in researching their clients history, probing for vital information to aid their performance. This is sadly a very common practice, especially for those who have undoubtly proved their extraordinary skill in the arguably real practice of which those such as Amanda find themselves in.

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