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Senior Year

January 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Senior year of high school is like a disease that runs through my mind and body. It affects me in each and every way. It halts me from functioning and continuing with my daily activities. Being lazy is almost given but there’s many more to that, building up relationships with former friends, while getting over grudges, and just trying to keep your grades are some of the difficulties that my senior year brings to me. The thought of graduation is so unclear, because it feels like a dream. To be completely done with high school is so surreal it’s amazing how I unappreciated what is almost like a second home to me.
My senior year hasn’t ended and I strive to make it into something amazing. I slowly stop thinking about the stress that it brings me and put my mind toward the positives that it attracts. I feel like I’m at the finish line, just about half a mile there, and I feel like time has stopped to slowly transition from what I am to who I become.

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on Jun. 7 2009 at 6:18 pm
Erica Gomez BRONZE, Pembroke Pines, Florida
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Well, if this is what senior year has to do with than it sounds exciting. I'm an upcoming senior and not sure what to expect but you summarized it good enough for me. Good way of putting all the thoughts to make sense thoough.