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What things do all kids know that adults do not?

June 1, 2021
By samarthshandilya BRONZE, Gurgaon, Other
samarthshandilya BRONZE, Gurgaon, Other
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I can run, I can fly, I can jump and I am not afraid to go high. Well courage is a funny thing, all of us have courage some more than the rest. It is the spark that ignites the fire of curiosity and faith is what fuels our dreams to come into reality.

I see courage every day and to my surprise I notice it everywhere. I see courage in that auto driver that thinks it’s an intelligent idea to run through the red-light; I see courage when that little girl swims for the first time. But that’s not the courage I am talking about, the one that I’m referring to Is the courage to dream; Courage to do what excites.

There’s a secret to a happy life, one that we all begin with but owing to our desperate desire to grow up, tend to forget with the transition into adulthood. Ironically the secret to a happy life lies in open sight, open to all those who are looking for it. The secret lies within the children around us who are reaching levels of euphoria unknown to adulthood running wild on a mixture of fruit juice and icing –all the while having the courage to dream and to DO WHAT EXCITES.

It is this secret that all children whisper in hushed yet bold tones; the secret which adults tirelessly search for seldom realizing that it has been there all the time!

The author's comments:

I often finds himself wandering in a world full of muses thinking about any(every)thing thought provoking. I am an avid debater by nature, my tendencies to question the unquestionable unlike the rest of my life remains static. Being a complete people’s person, I believe in the true power of civil discourse. 
Curiosity is the sugar in the air i breathe, and i have a sweet tooth. I hope that it lasts as long as i do.

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