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The Future

September 26, 2007
By Anonymous

So here I sit. I’ve finished everything. These includes my Spanish, my English, and yes even my geometry homework. After all the sweat and tears I’ve poured into my four hours of homework I can finally say I’m done, or am I?
I am finally coming to the realization that by next spring I will be released as a citizen into the free world and I think I’m done! HA!
For those who don’t know, a college application is what decides your fate between glorious acceptances or a viscous and undeniable rejection. Colleges look at so many things these days like racial diversity, your G.P.A., and your extra curricular activities. Let’s face it I’m not racially diverse, so I’ve made it my personal goal to do as many things as I possibly can to dazzle and amaze any college.
This is my junior year of high school and to tell you the truth I don’t have many options, not to mention time. Two years is all I’ve got to make even the slightest difference in my future or make it into that oh-so wonderful dream college; I have yet to find.
One of the things I’ve done this year is joined The Key Club. As some of you may know The Key Club is a volunteer organization for teens who want to help the community and the people in it. What better way to stand out on a college application doing something I like, like volunteering.
I am also enrolled in a Technical Preparation program, or tech prep, to help me better understands the things I want to do. This is called Teacher Academy. Being involved in this program helps me gain experience in the teaching field and, at the same time, earn college credits.
Think I’m done yet? No, not exactly. For the greater good of my college application I’ve forced myself to surrender my much loved theater class and take Spanish in its place. I say this bluntly because colleges like this too. Supposedly, two years or more of a foreign language will make you a stronger English student. Well, so far, I’ve been in the class two or three weeks now and all I’ve got to show is this: Me llamo Carmen, mucho gusto. Soy de el Estados Unidos. Hasta Luego. If you’re sitting there with a dumb-founded look on your face wondering what I just said about eggos, just imagine my reaction when Senora came into class speaking full-blown Espanol. All at once I had the sudden sensation to run out the door and far away from this strange and foreign language. Sadly enough I work my hardest at saying what I had said in Spanish: “My name is Carmen, nice to meet you. I am from the United States. See you later.”
Also on my plate are scholarships, contests to win those scholarships, and a mound of other activities for my sacred application. Where can I find time to breath; you ask? Since I don’t have study hall, I breathe at lunch. If I never had that I would probably turn blue from the lack of oxygen in the packed halls of Greenville High School.
People have told me to slow down, take my time, and that I’ll have more than enough time to do everything my senior year. Honestly, I don’t have much time. If I do everything this year and get it done, my senior year will be filled with lots and lots of oxygen and the much anticipated college acceptance letter. ( Yet another thing I have to do: Find my dream college.)
As for now all I can do is raise my hand and hopefully ask “May I use the restroom” in Spanish with the correct pronunciation. With my luck I’d probably say something offensive to Senora and I’d be kick out of the class.
Then again who ever said it all was going to be easy peasy lemon sqeezey?!?

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