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Welcome to McDonalds

October 3, 2007
By Anonymous

“Welcome to McDonalds home of the Ronald. How may I help you?”

I could hear the intercom screech back at me. “Yeah can I have four double cheeseburgers? One with just leaf lettuce and mayo, one with only ketchup, one with no onions, and one plain with barbeque sauce.”

Almost mechanically, I punched in what they wanted perfectly. I could only hope the grill could put the burgers together correct and the presenter could get the bag out with the right order. “Yes, that will be $4.20, please pull around to the first window, and thank you!” I said back.

I turned to face the unmade happy meals I had to complete before my break. I proceeded in tipping my visor up and grabbing a happy meal bag, as well as a little blow-up toy sword. Just before the car came to my window Jim, the manager, jumped in and took the money from the customer. He then turned toward me urgently and said, “I need you to be in charge for awhile. There’s been a big misunderstanding and Jason, the other manager, can’t come in today. I need to leave though because my wife is at the hospital and my kids are at home by themselves. I’m going to drop them off at their grandmother’s house and will be back later. I’m counting on you.” He then gave me the clipboard, went into the office, grabbed his winter coat, and left.

I could see Brad, a fellow employee, walking back to the first booth where I was taking orders. I looked at the sheet detailing everyone’s specific jobs and realized I was now upfront. My first thought was to stay calm and focused. I went to the front and told everyone the situation. I can handle this, I told myself. I was prepared because I had been working there for almost a year and knew what to do.

I made sure everything was organized and everyone worked in unison. We were short on employees, so I did two tasks. I was at the second window getting the food in the bags, and handing out the food to the customers. I stayed relaxed in stressful orders. I delegated lists for everyone, including myself. When it wasn’t busy, we cleaned the store and made it look spotless. Everyone worked together to keep the place working smoothly. When Jim came back, he said he was right in trusting me. I could keep things under control.

As a first job, McDonalds taught me commitment, teamwork, and responsibility. That day was rewarding, knowing that I could take charge and lead the crew. It helped me be more patient with people, especially when something expected occurs. It prepared me for other jobs and was a building block for better things to come. McDonalds also made me confident in my ability to balance work, school, and sports. Now, even though I no longer work there anymore, whenever I hear that intercom ask me what I would like to eat when I go into the drive through, I know how crazy it can get inside. I understand the hard work it takes to get the food out to the customers. All I can think is, thank you, and have a nice day!

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