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TV: Could you be without it?

October 19, 2007
By Anonymous

No, I probably could not live without it.
Reasoning: Most people get lots of information from TV's, such as news and shopping. Also, for some people, if they have digital cable. You can look for houses, fitness shows, cooking shows, and some even have dating channels.
Evidence: Many people do look at some of these houses on the TV and they sometimes buy them. And also my Dad bought my Mom a ring off of one of the jewelry shopping channels and she received it the other day.
Counterpoint: Some readers may disagree because you could still live without TV but most people have grown so attached to it that it would be hard to take it away

Could You Be Without T.V.?

Are you someone who someone who watches a lot of T.V.? I know I am, but have you ever thought about life without T.V.? Without all of the drama? The romance? The horrors or the comedies? This was never a thought of mine until today. Now that I think about it, our world probably not be able to make it through without TV. I mean, with all of the technologies that we use today, our TV’s are one of the most important to us.
T.V. is one of the most used technologies around the world. No matter where you are in the world, most people are watching T.V. This technology has become to be a necessity to many people. TV’s are use to watched shows and/or movies. Also, they are used to shop for things such as jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, and other things used outside and inside of homes. You can buy most of anything except food from ordering off of television.

Secondly, people that own businesses and/ or work at businesses make money because of T.V, advertisements. As you probably have seen, most companies advertise what they are offering or selling in advertisements on T.V. Once people see these advertisements on T.V. and they like what they are seeing, they are most likely going to go consider taking the company up on their offer. This makes business better for the companies.

For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken has advertisements on family deals all of the time. Most of the time, these deals are at a reasonable price. If you have a big family who likes to eat chicken, Nine out of 10 you are most likely going to go to KFC and buy the family because of its reasonable price. The same thing applies to other restaurants and companies.

Now, I know that many people will agree with me and some may not, but everyone’s opinion will be different. I, personally, could probably live without T.V. physically, but mentally I might not be the way I should be. I think that it would be possible for people to live without T.V. it would just take more time for some to cope and adjust without it that it would for others.

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