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Who Is Better

October 22, 2007
By Anonymous

Are women better parents than men? This is a theory that has been around for a very long time. Women do the most important chores like feeding them and BIRTHING them, while men usually sit in anticipation or just watch as the mother breast feeds his child. Who really knows what’s going on in his head? He could be thinking about anything. So, are women really better parents then men? Let’s find out!
Women in general just get more attached to their children. For one, they were living inside of her, sharing all of the nutrients she put into her body. For example, I am very close to my mother. I lived inside of her for nine months. We shared everything, food, drinks, sicknesses, and now I share everything with her. Whether it is stories about what happened at school, who I like, or even my foods! We are very close and she knows exactly what to say.

In the old days, when men and women weren’t thought of as “equal,” who would always stay at home and clean the house, and who would go out hunting? Who would wash the clothes and the dishes, and who would sit around doing nothing? The main question is who would take care of the children? That’s right, the women. In the past, women would take care of the children while the men went out and hunted. My point is, that women are more calm natured that men. Since a long time ago, women had to be calm, cool, and collective so they could have enough patients to do everything for everyone. Now, I don’t know where all of the patients have gone, but I know there is still some trace of tranquility from their ancestors. All men have known how to do in the past is hunt and order everyone around. Today, although to a much less extreme, men are still considered “the boss,” and still have a sense of violence.
The main counter point that I could think of was that men in general will think the opposite. However, women know exactly what to do and say in order to calm their children. Men can try and try, and sometimes they succeed. Women in general are just more connected and devote their lives to their children! For example, if your newborn is crying nonstop, and the man gets up to try to calm it, it may or may not work. However, women usually know exactly the right thing to do, whether it is food or just cuddling! Men should not think the opposite, they should believe the same!
Are men and women equal in life with children? Is there a sex that dominates in parent hood? Whether it is knowing what your child wants or being calm natured and peaceful, women do dominate in parent hood. So, are women better parents than men? You decide!

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