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The Unavoidable Evil

October 23, 2007
By Anonymous

Procrastination is an unavoidable evil in my life. Last night I was attached to You Tube for two hours. I didn’t do my any homework and failed to finish my essay. Was this a wise option? NO. I should have shut off my computer after only a half hour but, I was already hooked.
I had completed my math homework by the time I switched on the glowing screen to my laptop that night, but nothing else of value had been accomplished. In these two hours of “homework” I learned about the “dangers” of women in overalls, and about the obsessive qualities of a teenage boy.
The evils of You Tube had entranced my once again, every so often it works it’s magic, if its not gay men talking about absolutely nothing of importance, it’s a 12 year old stalker, or an overly obsessed Brittany Spears fanatic. Why do I watch these brain numbing episodes on the highly popular webpage? I’m bored, I’m sick of the homework I have been assigned night after night and I want to accomplish absolutely nothing in life…well maybe not the last one. This is a prime example of senioritis. Too bad, that procrastination has plagued me since the first day of my high school career. You may then ask yourself, “Then, what is the key to her success?” The answer, late nights and short essays.

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