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Is leisure time really necessary?

December 17, 2010
By Duffster SILVER, Jounieh, Other
Duffster SILVER, Jounieh, Other
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Go to school at 7AM. Finish school at 3PM. Get back home, eat and the study. Take a show, eat again and then sleep. Welcome to the boring life of a high school student! It seems like studying is the top priority in a teenager’s life but this is definitely not the case as students would do what suits them best: they just “wanna” have fun!

Nowadays, students feel a lot of pressure from their entourage when it comes to how important school is: they are given tons of homework from teachers and they have their parents nagging them all the time to finish as early as possible so they would get more time to sleep in order to focus better the next day at school. This is enormous weight on the teen who has many other worries like hanging out with friends, asking this girl or guy out, clubbing on the weekend and going through the teenage years peacefully so they try to find a way out of this chaos so they could relax, do fun stuff, breathe, act stupid, change, etc. Therefore leisure time is arguably necessary because studying 24/7 might make them pass but it’s not the right way to learn school subjects…
There are many ways for a student to enjoy themselves: they could watch a movie or a TV show, read a book (young adult novels strongly appeal to them) and this could help them feel a little bit different as they might feel like they’re the film’s or the book’s hero or main character - they relate to them, in a way, hence it makes interested. Going out for a walk can be so peaceful and relaxing, enjoying the nature’s beauty is very comforting and it helps them grow and feel more attached to their planet. Shopping is simply fun but not just clothes shopping! Teens love to buy the latest trends and brands because it might make them feel relevant or not “so retarded”. Sports are also fun, they help them get rid of the stress and negativity.
Social networking and surfing the internet is amusing as well: chatting, watching videos, downloading the latest music releases, commenting on other people’s posts, rating stuff, etc.

Routine is deadly boring and students are ever-changing: they also want something new to explore. It is very important to study and care about school work but leisure time is also necessary students break out of the box they’re in and enjoy themselves… and study!

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