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Summer Nights

March 29, 2011
By Sunshine_Sarah SILVER, New Brighton, Minnesota
Sunshine_Sarah SILVER, New Brighton, Minnesota
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All I need is one place to free my mind of all the bad weather. One place where the storm finally settles, where the waters are calm and the sky is clear. I come here to get away from all types of distractions, from the stress filled messages through technology. This place means more to me than any simple object ever could. This is where I have found peace.

As a breeze lightly brushes the hair off my shoulders, I take a long, deep breath in through my nose and out my mouth. I close my eyes only to imagine myself on the peak of a mountain far, far away from this world. I close my eyes to see. Only when my eyes are blocked off from all unpleasant distractions, can my heart find what it truly desires.

When my eyes are closed, I tune into the small noises that lurk around me in the humid, dark night. I hear the breath of the wind and the whistling of it’s brother, the breeze. I hear the rustling and scratching of the critters scurrying below me as they scavenge for food. I hear the pounding of my wrestling dogs below me. I can feel their thumps sending vibrations through the walls. I hear my father on the phone, as usual. It makes me wonder if he ever notices the small wonders of life with a phone glued to the side of his head or if he notices anything at all. I start to feel alone so my hands find each other.

My arms wrap themselves around my knees to have that feeling like someone’s holding me and at the same time, I have someone to hold. I sit at the peak of my mountain with my feet at a slant, pressed against the rough, grainy texture to keep me from slipping anywhere but into tranquillity. I feel my shoulders and neck, only covered by a light sweater, slightly shiver as a warm breeze passes by. I feel the weight being lifted from my eyes as they long for the sight I came here for.

As my eyes slowly open, ready to face reality, I see myself standing taller than the trees, taller than the small critters in my back yard, taller than any worries could ever reach. As my eyes slowly drift from what’s below me to what’s above, I suddenly feel how small I really am. The dark, blue, silky sky is lit up only by the millions of stars it holds, the few planes that pass by, and of course, my best friend, the moon.

When everything that could go wrong in my day has, this is where I go to find peace, happiness, and a smile. Some nights, when I'm smiling up at my big, bright friend, I can almost see him smiling back at me. During the winter, I long for summer nights for this reason especially. I dream of that warm summer feel that sends shivers up my spine only to send goose bumps right back down. This is where I find peace when the world refuses to show it to me. This is my oasis. This is my roof.

The author's comments:
A descriptive narrative of my favorite place to be when my stress level has skyrocketed.

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