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Do You Think It Is Fair

December 11, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you think it is fair that if you get robbed, you could be sued by the robber if he or she gets injured while robbing your house? Well I do not think it fair what so ever. As children, we learn to not steal. We have always learned that there would be severe consequences. In today’s world, if you steal, you can still win. Here is a perfect example.

I was reading the news online one day when I came across an article titled, “Robber sues clerk who shot him during holdup.”# Now just take a second and look at what I just told you. The robber, the person who started the whole mess, is suing the innocent clerk who is just doing his job, as well as protecting himself. How is this right? Well to me, it is not right at all. How can people expect the crime rate to decrease if they are letting things like this take place? Another thing that I found that completely disturbed me was a statement saying, “Government lawyers say burglars ‘need protection’.” Why should burglars be protected? It’s not like they are being forced to rob someone. They do it on their own free will.

Statements like this help cause more problems instead of solving them. If robbing is so right, why is it illegal? Since it’s illegal, shouldn’t the law be enforcing it instead of feeling bad for robbers getting hurt? Well I think they should. The world is messed up enough right now, and we do not need anything to make it worse.

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