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One Day...

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

One day I was riding my bike in my driveway. I was pedalling faster and faster. I was about to cross over my bridge and then, I hit a rock. I had to have been screaming like a girl, but I didn't care because I was falling off a 10 ft. bridge. Under the 2 in. of water were rocks, and I was about to see those rocks closer then I ever had before. It seemed like forever until I hit the ground. But I finally did and I will never forget that moment. I remember trying to get up but I couldn't. So I just layed there for atleast 10 mins. working up the courage to try and stand up and take the first step. When I finally did I thought I was going to die. I tried to take a deep breath but when I did nothing happened. And when I took a step I just fell straight back down. So I layed down for another 5 mins. until I thought my lungs and legs would work again. So I stood up again and finally could walk and breathe again.

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