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Describe a "first" that had a powerful impact on your thinking.

I wouldpoint to one of my first concerts as something that greatly affected me. Thisparticular concert was a complex light show synchronized with Pink Floyd's 1973masterpiece "Dark Side of the Moon."

Many consider this album awork of art on a par with some of the greatest literature and music ever, and theideas hidden in its lyrics are truly remarkable. "Dark Side of theMoon" has been analyzed, studied, and interpreted many times, like someliterature. The lyrics show how the stresses and pressures of life lead to aquasi-madness, or even insanity, to which we all become numb. "Time,""Money," and "On the Run" all piece together a frighteninglyrealistic portrayal of a life that eventually builds to derangement as seen inthe climactic track, "Brain Damage."

"Dark Side of theMoon" is intellectually exciting because its innuendoes can be interpreted,and I have found the album has expanded these abstract thinking abilities. It hasconvinced me that many unwittingly fall victim to society's evils. Some say thealbum is horribly depressing, but it has molded me into viewing life as arealist. The poetry that expresses these ideas is woven into lush layers of soundand harmony. Perfection is rarely reached in any human endeavor, and it isfascinating that such complex ideas about life can be expressed in thiscombination of words and music.

In addition to shaping my thoughts aboutlife, this album has reassured me that music brings people together.Unfortunately, most popular music today cannot measure up to the standard ofgreatness achieved by this masterpiece. Although anyone can enjoy it for itsentertainment value, those who invest time and thought, and attempt tounderstand, can have the same exhilarating experience I had. "Dark Side ofthe Moon" is usually described as ambiguous, but the words and music speakpowerfully and clearly to those who want to experience this achievement in music.

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