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Live like you're dying

December 17, 2007
By Anonymous

What if you are going to die in a matter of minutes wouldn’t you value life more than you ever had? 2 ½ years ago I was somewhere with my mom and I started to complain about everything in life, and then I said I wanted this and that. I kept going on and on until my mom stopped me she said “I should give thanks for everything I have in life and live like you were dying. Those words stuck with me ever since.

What my mom said to me taught me how to live a better life then what I had before. A couple years back, my mom hadn’t just been my mom but she had become my best friend and I knew I could trust her. That’s just one of the things, and phrases my mom has given me. Ever since then I’ve been getting mad less, complaining less, less grumpy, and I think I calmed down a bit and by “bit” I mean a whole lot. I also found joy in many things that most people wouldn’t think of doing.

It also taught me not to waste time on things that don’t matter. Life is too short to keep getting mad, worrying to much, complaining for everything, and fighting for the littlest things. I used to be a little trouble maker back in the day and I really didn’t care I always had to talk to the principal. Most people think that’s a waste of time I sure did, but I figured out you wouldn’t have to waste time if you don’t put yourself in that situation.

Before I believed this I didn’t care much about a lot, yeah I cared about basic stuff but not other things that I didn’t seem to care about much till now. Now I care for things. I value life more for example I hurt a fruit fly and almost cried the interesting thing is that that was just a few months ago. I’m happier then before and I value things more. I changed and I started to believe in this because I wanted a better life.

All my life I’ve ha many phrase said to me by my mother and my mom might already know this but she’s my hero and I love her. I know this will impact me in the future because I’ll be even better the more wisdom I acquire every day I’m alive. This I believe.

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