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This I Believe

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

“You get what you deserve”, What if the world didn’t believe in an eye for an eye. The world would be full of criminals. I believe in an eye for an eye.

One day my friend called me. He asked me if I wanted to go to a field party and I said yes. So that night we drove out to the farm. As soon as we got there I got out and got some hot wings and he went to talk to his friend. Later that night a guy came up and punched me in the back of the head when I got up I couldn’t find him. Finally after about two hours I found him sitting in a chair I ran up and jumped on him and started hitting him in the face. We both fell on the ground in the time that we were on the ground I grabbed an empty bottle and hit him in the back of the head and he fell off of me.

Although that is not the only time that this experience has happened. One day me and my dad went out to the barn to feed the mules. I was feeding the last mule and I heard my Catahoula cur dog barking so I went to see what he was barking at. It was chasing one of my colts across the field and its ankles were bleeding. So I ran to the truck and grabbed my rifle, ran back down to the barn and shot up in the air and he stopped. I called him to me and as soon as he stopped he come running to me and I pointed my rifle at him and as soon as he stopped and I shot him.

One night me and my buddy were out cat fishing and we had been there for about four hours. We were about to pack up and leave until I herd my reel clicking and I ran over to my rod picked it up and gave it a huge yank because catfish have the toughest mouths of any fish ever. And as soon as hooked him I knew I had me a big one. Well I reeled and reeled and finally got him right were I wanted him right up next to the bank as soon as I got him on the bank my buddy came over to help me because this fish was a huge one. As soon as he got over to me he tripped and fell right on my line and gave it slack and the fish that I had struggled so long to get to the bank had been released back to the river. So I just started packing up I was very mad I glimpsed over only to see him leaning over a rotten tub of chicken livers picking up stuff so I walked over to him and pushed him in and he fell on the rotten tub of chicken livers.

I believe you get what you deserve. So after telling you these stories I think you can tell what I believe. So I think that you should get what you deserve.

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