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December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

If is a word of the past and myself in general doesn’t really like the word itself. It reminds about the past and what I could have done to do something better and also makes me think about what would have happened if I did something, or if I had tried harder, or if I had gotten good grades. I really don’t like the word just because it’s in the past and I live in the present and until they make some sort of a time machine of some sort I will still be in the present. But if I could go back in time which I really don’t like to think about I would do things a lot more differently then what I am doing today. The only thing that I would ever want to do if someone asked me what would you do if you could go back in time is that I would backtrack to the start of ninth grade and never slack of on my grades and always keep that number one priority over all before anything else, because if I would have done that then I would be in this situation that I’m in right know that I have to get good grades in every single subject just to get my GPA to an alright stage for me that I can barely make it to college. Also if I could do something else I would want to change my attitude towards work and stop being so lazy about work and studying. But I guess that’s why the word if is stated if because its something that you could never change in your life.

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