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This I Believe

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Do I believe in an eye for an eye? Well do you? Many people see it in many different ways some agree and some disagree. Well if you ask me yes I do believe in an eye for an eye.
Why do you always blame me? Not to long ago my youngest brother Austin always used to blame me for everything. He would drink something that he wasn’t supposed to and he would blame it on me. He would break something and blame it on me. Or he would move something he wasn’t supposed to and blame it on me. I finally get tired of it and got him back by doing the same things he did to me, and he finally stopped doing that to me. I guess sometimes you really can get what you want.

Why can’t you leave me alone? When I was younger my oldest brother Andrew would always do something to me or he would pick on me. He would always call me a loser and make me cry because I always wanted to do everything like him. Or he would always say that I didn’t have any friends and he knew that I always friends but he just wanted me to start yelling at him so he would have a reason to tell on me so I would get in trouble. He would always try to start a fight with me because no one else was around for him to fight. So one day I went into his room while he was at a friends house and took his boa constrictor and took it to my room. He came back and couldn’t find so he went out to look for it. I and put it up and went and got him and told him I found it because I felt bad. And he turns around and says you of all people found. “oh yeah and thank you”. He still doesn’t know what I did.

Why do you always break my stuff? My younger sister would always go into my room and break my things like one time she broke a couple of my CDS. She said she accidentally did it. So I asked her what else had she broken that was mine. So I found out that she broke my glass angel and she broke some of my porcelain dolls. So one day when she wasn’t paying attention I pretended that I broke one of her Barbie’s. she never touched anything or I mean broke anything of mine again.

I believe in getting back at people. But only if I know them. Because if I don’t know you I don’t know what you are going to do back after I get you back. But if they really do something that really makes me mad then I will do it. So that’s why I always get back at my brother and sister for things that they do to me.

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