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A Feeling of Accomplishment

January 4, 2008
By Anonymous

I’ve always been a not so active person and didn’t like big changes. But this time I couldn’t do anything about it, I was going to high school. The first thing I noticed was that the school was very small and in a huge building. I had so many different teachers and they all asked for different stuff, but everything was normal. A new year, a new starting point in my life, and I had to become active. It took me a couple of months to realize that I had to try something new.
There was an old man around his 50’s always walking around the hallway. His name was Mr. Rey .He use to wear formal clothes, brown dressing pants with a blue Civil Air Patrol shirt, and some black shoes. He seemed nice but I didn’t dare talking to him. Until one day, he came to my History class and gave us a speech about flight. It was just like a sleeping pill almost half of the class felt asleep and I was trying my best to stay awake. It was around two months later when some friends convinced me to join the flight program after school. The first few week I was absolutely lost, and plus I had to hear him tell me the same thing over and over again. Every day after class he told me about all the opportunities, activities and trips we had, and about how I was supposed to try my best. All this made me feel like I needed to understand what he was talking about during class, but it was harder then what it seemed like. I hated being the outsider, I felt dumb and the worst part was that I wanted to learn, but like they say “Everything is hard until you learn it, then it becomes easy”
. Time passed by fast, I already had about five months in the program and it was time to try the real thing. After class Mr. Rey told me I was flying on the upcoming Saturday, all this made me feel nauseous. I just glanced at him and wanted to say no, but words didn’t come out my mouth. On my way home I asked myself how I had gone so far, why didn’t I quit when I felt dumb. Two days until Saturday and I was already freaking out. Everyone seemed happy about the news, and I just didn’t want to think about it. Friday night was awful, I couldn’t stop feeling the anxiety and my eyes just wouldn’t close.

Unfortunately for me it was Saturday, and at 8:00am we arrived at Republic Air Port in Farmingdale. My hands could stop sweating and it all got worst when Mr. Rey said that girls go first. I packed my stuff ready and got into the piper. My hands suddenly stopped sweating, it was a strange feeling I never felt before. I took off and landed all by myself and actually did pretty good. When I was in the ground I couldn’t believe what I’ve done. I asked myself what had happened to the old me. Where was the shy and afraid to change girl? That’s when I realize Mr. Rey had changed me he always used to push me just a little further and further each time. That’s when I realized I was definitely not the same girl.
Sometimes we think people have nothing to do with what we turn out to be, but I can truthfully tell you Mr. Rey changed my life. I fell more confident and am sure that if I set my mind to something at the end ill taste the sweet feeling of accomplishment.

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