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One Look Can’t tell the Whole Story

September 21, 2017
By yvnglupita SILVER, Sacramento, California
yvnglupita SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"why live in your head when you can say it out loud"

“Why don’t you start speak it out loud instead of living in your head”- Matt Healy. We’re all constantly wondering why we get judged but never think who we judge.My name is Guadalupe.I have short brown hair and big glasses.My skin is a light coffee caramel color. Music is my sanity. My family members are my motivators.Becoming a nurse is my dream. I may look shy but look a little deeper into my eyes and you’ll see who I am.

Music will always be a big support in my life. The basics are; they help me study and it keeps me sane. Music goes a little more deeper.I find music to be a portal to another universe.The lyrics draw an image in my head and all the problems seem to go away or easily get resolved. Sometimes we all need an escape from the outside world and take a moment to gaze out from beyond our limit. If music has ever taught me anything is if it’s different it’s better understood.

My family has gone through so many heartbreaks yet they still manage to have a smile on their face just for the sake of their kids.Everything they do is for us whether we understand it or not.For me Family goes farther than being blood.If someone has been there by your side for all your problems through thick and thin and have made you grow as a person;they are worth being called family.One way my family gets along is we set aside all our jobs,duties,meetings.etc for one weekend and sit at a long table and we tell stories.They are all so interesting because most of my cousins are adults and they love to explore the world with their own eyes.Others are personal stories from my great grandparents and they talk about songs they sang when they came to America illegally and when they worked picking up fruit in the fields.After we tell stories we go to the nearest park and play soccer like if it was for the fifa world cup.My family is alway on the move we always active.I guess we are our own hype-family if you will.

For me motivation is key. In this generation, it’s hard to not get distracted so I just self-check myself and sometimes it works. Growing up I didn’t have anyone near my age;that being said I had a lot of pressure and expectations being thrown at me from my family.I know important a life means so I want to become a nurse.Not for the money but because I want to know I helped a family do a right decision I love knowing I helped someone. Sometimes it will be hard but seeing the smile on people and knowing you brought it to them is a feeling you get addicted to. Aside from being a nurse I’ve always wanted to got to UC Davis to get the full college experience and grow more as a person.

I am misguided but also fearless. Music keeps me sane. My family is my motivation. The future is an uncovered treasure waiting to be unlocked. Every moment is too precious to be taken for granted. I have the picture in my head although it may be blury; in the end it will all come together.

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This is my first attemt to a college essay;I want to go to UC Davis.

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