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Northeast Alabama Community College

January 19, 2010
By Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
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Northeast Alabama Community College is a two year junior college that offers degrees of many types and experiences you will never forget. When many young aspiring teenagers think of college they think often times it is going in a big university with tons of people with a huge campus. However, being placed in this setting can be very overwhelming for a few beginners. Some people prefer and need the small welcoming feeling that is dedicated to your specific needs when first embarking on their college studies. This itself it exactly what NACC offers on a daily basis.
The campus is not known for its size but its location. It is located in the middle of two rather large and industrial cities, both being about ten minutes away. All though you have to take in what is close to the campus you might want to take in what is actually sitting on the campus right in front of you. There are many activities constantly going on at NACC. They have a beautiful walking track surrounded with tons of trees and plant life, with an indoor and outdoor basketball court, tennis courts, and an amazingly stocked library. The campus is surrounded by a few small safe communities. The campus also offers a very nice friendly environment to everyone that attends this impeccable college. You can schedule campus tours anytime you like. The campus its self is very beautiful with newly renovated building and new buildings being added on every day due to the fact that they have just experienced the highest number of enrollments ever. Northeast Alabama Community College is a rapidly growing junior college and welcomes more and more applicants every day.
Funding your education at NACC is also very easy to do. They offer numerous amounts of scholarships and have a tremendous financial aid office dedicated to helping you find just what you need to succeed. They offer benefits to any one just starting, veterans and even senior citizens. Although they are only a two year college they offer many opportunities through their studies such as: degrees and many work force programs too. They have just added a new technology center with many new recourses added to advance the learning of all students also.
Northeast Alabama Community college presents many degrees with an advanced and well renounced reputation as well. Such as the nursing program, it is highly known for its skill and precision in making sure all of the students are prepared for the fields they will soon be entering into. Another amazing aspect of NACC is their outstanding theatre program. They put on many unbelievably great performances throughout the year. With outstanding recourses and talent these types of productions are possible.
NACC has an amazing and loyal staff here to make sure you learn and succeed in your field. Being a local and community college they are able to give you individualized attention more often and give you more one on one time in the classroom that many people need to fully excel. The teachers and staff are all highly qualified and determined to help you out.
I am sure if you are looking for a great safe and comfortable learning environment you are bound to find exactly that here at NACC. It has so many benefits and great opportunities for the present and future students. Considering where to embark on your college experience is a big deal and also overwhelming. Northeast Alabama Community College is here to help you see college is more than just a degree but a great experience as well.

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