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Jimmy and the Secret Door

March 25, 2021
By louisem25 BRONZE, Vancouver B.c., Columbia
louisem25 BRONZE, Vancouver B.c., Columbia
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There was a young boy named Jimmy but he prefers jim. He isn’t like the other children, he mostly stares at his chubby fingers and bites his nasty nails almost every night on his small bed. Everyday, Jimmy would always skip his lunch due to his maid who got fired from making Jimmy very chubby and that Jimmy is used to not eating his lunch all day. His papa Jarman, would always make fun of Jimmy because of how he walks and talks. From that day, Jimmy grabbed his scooter and was on his way to school. His helmet was too small for his big head, so instead he used his stained pillow as a helmet and used a shoelace to wrap around his pillow on his head for safety. When Jimmy arrived at school, he saw the school janitor enter a small shining amber light door that was under the stairway in the library. Jimmy just had to investigate. He went closer to the door and tried opening it. The door had no handle and no key whole which is impossible to open! Jimmy kicked the door twice with all his strength but nothing happened, he kicked the door again and surprisingly, light burst out. Jimmy slowly walked in and saw so many different types of creatures welcoming Jimmy. “welcome Jimmy, we waited for you for so long and we’re happy you came.” everyone announced. Jimmy froze and thought it was just a dream so he slapped himself on both of his cheeks trying to wake himself up but then he realized it wasn’t a dream at all, it was real. The creatures celebrated with positivity as they danced around Jimmy for a “welcome dance”, flowers were being thrown on the side of the ground, and the rest of the creatures clapped and stomping for excitement. The creatures brought Jimmy to the King of the Great Unknown where all people are welcome. “I see that you brought our friend Jimmy?” said within a questioning voice. “Um sir I don't know where I am and I want to go home, please take me home.” Jimmy winned. The king laughed, thinking why he said that. “ what do you mean Jimmy... this is your home.” The king said in a deep tone. Jimmy’s heart started to pump fast and stuttered like no one could ever understand. Jimmy ran back to the amber light door and closed the door as fast as he could. His sweat was dripping down his neck and his hands were covered in his slimy snots. Jimmy was still in shock and didn't know what happened like his mind went blank. A teacher came by and asked “are you okay Jimmy?” Jimmy replied “I’m good, I just need some rest, that's all ms. Beeker.” Ms. Beeker smiled and walked away, leaving Jimmy in a question state. “ Where did that janitor go? 

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