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April 12, 2021
By VPurdum BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
VPurdum BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
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You gotta love yo self before you can love other people and they can love you" - Ryan

On a Sunday afternoon, Karma decides to go and see what the city is like and if the people are as sweet as honey or as sour as a lemon. Karma goes up to a few kindhearted folks and gives these people coins. These aren't any old coins you find laying on the street. These are the finest coins that are as golden as the sun on a hot summer day. The next day, a well-dressed woman comes up to Karma and is very chatty and sweet. Karma is bewildered but soon learns what the woman is up to. Karma feels her blood boiling that she is just trying to get the golden coins. Karma gives the greedy woman a special item. This special item will not make the woman rich or happy. This will simply punish the woman for being so greedy. Karma gives the woman a cup full of purple liquid. The woman soon takes a sip of the drink thinking that it is a simple task before becoming rich. Karma begins to grin. She grins an awfully malicious grin. The woman soon collapses on the sidewalk as Karma rises into the sky where she soon plans for her next visit. 

The author's comments:

This is to teach readers a lesson about Karma. 

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