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Little Bobby

April 16, 2021
By Anonymous

 Hi, my name is Little Bobby and all I love to do is talk and talk, well that's what my mom says and my dad. My dad works at my school and my mom works at my doctor's.  I have good friends at preschool but I'm only 3 so I do not know how to say things like Happy. I only know how to spell it. But my mom and dad said I'm getting a new sister. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers so I have no clue how we will fit into one house. I'm telling you this because I wanna live with my grandma. Her name is Mema. My mom tells me that's not her real name but I say it is. But anyway I'm going to ask my mom if I can live with her !!! 

My mom said no because she's old and can't walk but I said I can do anything and then after that, I tried to fly. It did not work the way I wanted it to work. Because now I'm in the ER because I broke my arm HEHE. I will show my mom that I am strong and powerful enough to live with my mama! After I got home my dad and my sisters and brothers were swimming in the pool without me my mom told me I can't go in because my arm I said whatever so I went in. I had to go back to the ER again.

My mom told me I can't leave my room until she tells me to leave. It's been hard and I can't swim and it's summer. I have to stay home because I do crazy things. but my grandma told me I can stay the night at her house tonight with my best friend his name is little jimmy all we do is play in who can name all of the teachers at her preschool and who can cook the best grass milkshake after school I'm going to my mama's house and going to pick up little jimmy. I can't wait to play with jimmy and my mama lives by the lake so we can swim and play with my pet mouse too. 

 MEMA has got to pick up little Jimmy so now his mom has to bring him here but I got all of the stuff out to play with. I got my pet rat and my bathing suit and all of the flashcards to play the games. I'm so excited to play with little jimmy!

Jimmy is here and my mama made cookies for use and my papa made cool water guns to play within the flout with our life jackets we are so happy that my mom let me stay here but my mom had my little sister is born her name is little Maisy and he's so mean to me because all she does is cry and fuss over nothing. But on the good hand, my birthday is tomorrow and we are going to Florida because that is where I was born. I'm so happy mom told me I can bring a friend. After that, I'm going to get ice cream and sweets. I'm sad because I can't take you along with me but it's my time to go. I love you so much and have the best life ever. I hope you don't get anything bad byeeeeee.

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