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Rags to Riches

April 16, 2021
By Anonymous

I am not proud to say I stole someone's bag because it was full it turns out there was a winning power ball ticket it was worth 65 million dollars. I have never seen that much money in my life. This money changed my life forever. But first, let me give a little backstory… 

This took place when I was 18, my mom kicked me out of the house and I was forced to live on the streets of new york city. but I begged for enough money to move with my grandma in Montana, but when I saw that bag my thoughts got the best of me, and  I took the bag and it changed my life forever.

There were 65 million dollars in my possession I could finally move out of poverty. I am so happy in one week I went from living on the streets about to give up and then I am richer than ever. I still went to Montana, because that was my plan and they had a really nice house there. I moved into the biggest house I have ever seen.

But there is always a bad thing that comes with a good thing. I am sad to say I cut off all ties with my mother after she did that to me she even asked me for money after she kicked me out, but I had to decline. I can finally live in luxury.

But I feel bad that I cheated someone out of the same life I am living I feel terrible. If it takes me the rest of my life I will find the person and give half the money back here we go. So first what I do is go to my personal science lab I check for fingerprints on money and DNA, I found out her name was kelly smith I looked her up on social media and I found her number I gave her a call ring ring ring she answered hello Kelly said hey I am sorry but I stole your money and I want to give half of it back to you. Oh my I am speechless where do you live I say I live in new york ok I’m coming

One flight later knock knock knock hello when she opened the door the biggest smile was across her face it was the biggest check she had ever seen.

In conclusion, never steal anyone's money it can mean a lot to them.

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