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Big Bam

April 27, 2021
By Anonymous

Bam! My mind went blank; Suddenly screams rang out through the city.  Out of nowhere black smoke arose from the hospital.  Doctors and nurses tried to get everyone out,  parents came running  out with their children hoping they would be ok.  I was trying to find my family but they were nowhere to be found. But I knew they were somewhere within the deadly black smoke. I only found my dog Bruno.  I took him and tried to find a safe spot for us.  I was holding onto him tight, as I cried for my family.  Crash! Suddenly something broke across from us.  And all of the noise seemed to get louder.  

 I tried to stay quiet but my crying got the best of me.  Bruno squirmed and barked trying to leave my arms, but I wasn't going to let go of him.  Suddenly I heard crackling from a distance, as I knew something was starting to happen.  I looked through the smoke only to see my apartment complex burning to the ground, I was only hoping my parents weren't inside.  I cried as I saw my home fall to the ground.  I held Bruno tight hoping that this was just a nightmare.  My heart was shattering into pieces.  As I wished everything would be ok.  I wish I could find my family!  In the midths of the night I heard someone calling my name, “ Oscar! Oscar!”  My heart leaped with joy has I heard what sounded like my dad call my name.  I ran to the voice holding Bruno tight to my chest.  I finally found who was calling my name, although it wasn't my dad it was my Uncle Rob.  I leaped into his arms and started to cry as I said to him, “ Where are my parents.”  He then replied in a suttle worried voice, “ I don’t know but we have to get to the train station!”  I asked in concern, “Why? I don’t want to leave my family here.”  Uncle Rob looked at me as if he understood which he did, but then he said, “ We aren't safe here, I know you don’t want to leave but we are not SAFE!! We will come back but we have to get to the station.”  “NO!”  I said loudly and angry.  But I knew we were leaving to stay safe from the fires. 

I held Bruno even tighter as  Uncle Rob took us to the train station.  Then we bolted into the smoke and went to the station.  A tear dripped down my face as I saw my city crumbling into pieces.  I just hoped my family was safe.  

We had arrived at the station and there were a million people there trying to escape.  Soon there was only one more train that was leaving for the night.  Only a certain amount of people could get on the train and go.  Finally we were at the top of the line.  Me and Uncle Rob got there just in time because they were only letting two more people on the train, and that was me and uncle Rob.  Uncle Rob set me into the seat and strapped me in.  Then out of nowhere he left and started helping this elderly man get on the train.  I cried as I knew my Uncle wouldn't be coming with me.  I looked at him and said, “ What are you doing? Why aren’t you coming with me.”  He said, “ This man needed to get on the train more than I did.  But I love you very much, when you get off the train go to grandma Mary's house, ok”  “ Ok” I said sadly. Suddenly Uncle Rob was out of sight, as he disappeared into the smoke.

  Then I felt a rumble on the train, we started to move, but as we left I saw what once was a beautiful city,  was now rubble. 

 Bruno was scared of the train and started barking, but then he finally fell asleep on my lap.  So I decided that I was going to try to get some sleep, but the old man next to me was snoring very obnoxiously.  

I finally managed to get some sleep, but somehow the night seemed gone as the sun finally decided to wake up.  Once I was up completely I really had to go to the bathroom, but Bruno was still asleep on my lap, and I didnt want to bother him.  On the other hand The old man next to me was wide awake.  He probably woke up at the crack of dawn.  Anyway it takes two days to get to grandmas while riding the train, so I decided I should make some friends.  So I started with the old man next to me.  I asked him, “ What's your name? I’m Oscar.”  He looked at me with a strange face.  He then suddenly said, “ I’m B.J. Johnson now leave me alone.”  I looked at him with a weird look wondering why he was so grumpy.  I just wanted a friend, was that too much to ask for.  So then I just had to leave Bruno on the seat while I went to the bathroom.  

 A couple hours later and my stomach was starting to rumble.  So I was going to go buy a sandwich.  The only thing was I didn't have any money.  Bruno was now up and I could tell that he was hungry too.  And every person I saw had food in their hand.  I wished there could be a miracle.  Then suddenly something shiny reflected off the sun into my eye.  I put Bruno on the seat, and went to get the thing that was shiny.  I picked it up and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a half a dollar coin.  I smiled with joy and ran to the food bar.  I got a bottle of water, two biscuits, and some sausage.  I then went back to my seat, and I took Bruno off the seat and put him right next to B.J. Johnson's.  He looked at me with an unhappy face. Fear started to take over me but that wasn't going to happen.  I then said, “ I’m sorry B.J. Johnson, it won’t happen again.”  I then gave him one of my biscuits to make it up to him.  And I gave Bruno the sausage.  Then I sat back down and ate my biscuit. 

 There then was a long moment of silence, until I heard a mumble.  “ Thank you”  “ What?”  I said unsure.  He said, “ Thank you, and you can call me Mr. Johnson.”  A smile arose on his face as he took a big bite out of his biscuit.  And a smile grew upon my face as I realized that I had made a friend.  I guess he was just grouchy because he was hungry.  The day went by slowly but I had a lot of good talks with Mr. Johnson.  He told me that he was in the war of 1812 and how what happened to our city reminded him of that.  He told me that his wife had died and how his heart was empty without her.  It was only the first day on the train and we were already good friends.  I then asked, “ Do you like dogs?”  He then replied, “ I love them.”  I then said, “ Do you want to hold Bruno?”  “ Yes'' he said with a big grin on his face.  Bruno was now passed out on his lap.  I guess Bruno really likes him.  It was now dinner time so I went to get more food for me, Bruno, and Mr. Johnson.  The food was delicious.  

After we ate I decided to take a nap.  It was now easier to sleep because I fell asleep before Mr. Johnson, so I didn't have to hear him snore.  It was a peaceful morning, but suddenly a loud bam woke me up.  Everyone on the train was asleep, so I thought I was just hearing things.  So I closed my eyes again but then I heard that sound again.  Mr. Johnson was asleep so I didn't know what to do.  So I got up and started walking toward the sound.  


There it was again.  I was terrified but I wanted to know  what was going on.  I finally got to the front of the train where I was hearing the noises. It was all ok. It was just the conductor's moving cole.  Suddenly I felt a cold shaky hand on my back.  “ Aww!”  I screamed as I jumped around.  It was Mr. Johnson, and he was holding Bruno.  “ What are you doing up here kid?”  He asked with an old man tone.  “ I heard a noise so I came up here but it was just the conductors moving coles around.”  I said to him.  “ Ok well let's go back to our seats.”  He said.  It was a peaceful night from there.  Somehow I managed to sleep through the night because it was already mourning.  We basically did the same thing every morning.  We ate breakfast then we talked.  But this was my last full day on the train, so I asked Mr. Johnson if he had a place to stay.  He then said, “ I don’t.”  I then offered why don’t you come and stay at my grandma's house.  At least until you get back to Chicago you can stay with us.

  I mean I will be there, it's not like it will just be you and my grandma.  And I think you should meet my grandma. I feel like you too would like each other.  “ Thank you”  he said as he started to tear up.  “ You have done so much for me,” He replied in his weary voice.  “ You're very welcome,” I said happily. Well the next stop was ours so I picked up Bruno and directed Mr. Johnson out the door.  It was about 3 miles to grandma's house but with Mr. Johnson it took two hours to get there.  But eventually we made it and I then knocked on the door, and when she answered I ran and gave her a  big hug.  But she squeezed me even harder.  She knew what had happened to my city so all she did was comfort me.  She then asked, “ Who is this man?”  I then replied, “ This is Mr. Johnson we met on the train and he had nowhere to stay, so I asked him if he wanted to stay with us is that alright.”  “ Of course it’s ok I’m so proud of you for being so kind.” She said.  She invited in and made us hot chocolate and gave Bruno some water.  While we drank our hot chocolate we started to watch the news.  Then something on it had my heart pounding for air.  The news said, “ There was a man shot because he was trying to save people from the fire.”  Then my soul left my body as I saw the name, it read Rob Adams.  My mind scrambled and my eyes started to let out a whole ocean.  It was uncle Rob.  Then randomly Mr. Johnson stood up and put his cold shaky hand on my shoulder.  Because he knew that if it weren't for uncle Rob he wouldn't be safe right now.  Soon the night began  to drift into sadness.  

 As the room was full of sadness, I went to hug grandma Mary because she saw that her son had gotten shot.  And she didn't get to say goodbye.  The room was now filled with sorrow so I decided to leave the room and go upstairs.  I tried to get some sleep but before I had to  pray that my family was safe.  Eventually I soundly fell asleep, but something woke me back up.  It sounded like joy and laughter. I walked down the stairs only to see grandma and mr. Johnson laughing.  But something interrupted them.  “Beep” “Beep” “Beep” I didn't set an alarm, I said to myself.  But then I realized that it was the doorbell.  I got up to go open it and I couldn't believe my happy eyes.  It was my family!  I leaped into their arms as I cried of happiness.  They looked horrible, they looked like they came out of an oven.  But I didn't care.  Together once again we were united.

 I was so excited that my family was here.  Grandma Mary got up to see what all the commotion was then hugs went around all over.  Bruno then came running down the stairs and licked everyone's faces.  My heart was now full with joy.                                   

One year later  My family finally found a new apartment and my parents found new jobs, and my life seemed normal again! I had a new school and I made new friends.  And everyday when I come home I’m greeted with a hug.                                     

One more year later and we went over to grandmas for christmas and there was something different about her.  I saw a big shiny sparkling ring on her hand.  Then my heart lit up like the christmas tree.  After twelve more weeks Mr. Johnson and Grandma Mary had their wedding.  It was beautiful!  And I was Mr. Johnson's best man.  Finally all together my family is united once again. 

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