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Reasa Vanna

May 28, 2009
By seth walle BRONZE, Pullman, Michigan
seth walle BRONZE, Pullman, Michigan
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Reasa was walking and heard a bang. A dog came running and jumped into her arms. A man came with a gun and said, “Let him go so I can kill that mutt.”

“ But why would you kill him, sir?” she said, shaking nervously.

The man said, “That gosh dang dog stole my steak. I’m mad and I’m hungry, so drop the dog so I have some food to eat.”
Reasa said, “No!”
The man cursed all the words he could. Then he stopped and said, “I’ll make you a deal. You get me a steak and I will let the dog live. You have only one week, so you better get to work, young lady. Otherwise your little friend will meet God.”
Reasa walked home with the dog close behind. She thought furiously about ways she could make money, but there was nothing. She decided to take a nap and ended up sleeping until morning. She got up and took a shower, made her bed, and then went downstairs. She could smell bacon, eggs, toast, and pancakes.
Then it hit her. She would go to the store and look at the ads on the tack board. She ate in a hurry and asked her mom if she needed anything from the store. Her mom told her no.
Just as she was about out the door, Reasa’s mom yelled, “Could you pick up the backyard?”
“Ok, mom!” she yelled back sadly. She went out back and just about started crying. There were toys everywhere and garbage on the ground, so Reasa got to work. It was about 3:38 p.m. when she finished, but she didn’t dare go back in and tell her mom that she was done.
She hustled down the street and went to the store. There were only a few cars in the parking lot. She ran across the parking lot, and when she got to the door, she was just drenched with sweat. When she turned around, she saw the little dog following her. “Sorry buddy, but you can’t go in,” she said as sweetly as possible.
Reasa went in and felt the cool air of the store hit her. It was so cool that she got goose bumps. She looked all over the place for the ads but found none. She went to the cash register and asked where the ads were.
The man was tall. He looked very nice. He said, “Sorry, but there are no jobs, little girl. But there is one thing here that I couldn’t get anyone to do. You would probably turn it down.”
Reasa thought about it and asked, “What is it?”
The man said, “Mop the floors and I will pay you two dollars an hour for doing it.”
Before Reasa could think, she said yes.
The man said, “Ok, you can start right now. The bucket and mop is in the employee’s only room.”
She walked over, opened the door and turned on the light. It was very dim. She saw rags, brooms, and in the corner was the mop and bucket. On the side of the wall, she saw the sink. She filled it with hot water and found the liquid soap. When the bucket was a little over half way full, she shut off the water. She got some “Caution: Wet Floor” signs and got to work.
She started in the first aisle and worked her way to the end. Then she put down the caution signs and started on the next aisle. When she finished that aisle. She moved the caution signs over. She repeated this for ten more rows.
When she was finally done, she was tired. She went to the counter and told the man she had finished her job. The man looked at each row and said, “Well done. I’ll give you a bonus for excellent work! You worked for three hours. The bonus is worth three, so your total is $9.00.”
Reasa would have jumped up and down with joy, but she was too tired. She would have gotten the steaks that night, but the stores were closed. She walked home under the streetlights with bugs flying all around. The moon was full, just like in the scary movies. She thought she was going to be killed by a murderer on a rampage.

Reasa was almost home when she saw a shadow of a man. She could see the knife in his hand. She was about to run when he came out.
He asked the girl if she had his steak yet. Reasa was shaking all over. She could barely get the words out of her mouth, as she stuttered no! She saw the knife in his hand. She turned around for a second and looked back, but she was the only one there. She went home and went to bed without any dinner.
The next morning she went to the meat store and got two steaks, one for the man and the other for the dog. On her way home, the man was there again and asked if that was his steak. She said yes, and the man took it and thanked her for getting him the meat. So Reasa was left with the dog and they loved each other forever!

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