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Mission: Failed Part 4

September 9, 2009
By PrototypeOrange BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
PrototypeOrange BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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“We’ve got him,” Leader said with a grin. “The plan’s still on.” Everyone else at the table started cheering. They had found a switch to control Prototype Blue’s thoughts. The inventor had made it during Phil’s creation, but had forgotten about it until now. They were now leading Phil to the building, so that the plan could continue. What could go wrong now? Besides, Phil needed to destroy everyone at the white building, about 1,000 or so people, in order to win.

“Hey,Geb Sie uns zurück unsere Auto!” One of the teens shouted at Phil as he walked into the driver’s all of the teens were lying down on the side of the road, all of them now with broken bones. One was rocking back and forth in a ball, muttering to himself. Phil ignored them all and started the car. That’s when something clicked in his mind. ‘What the heck am I doing?’ he thought to himself.

“What do you mean it broke?!” Leader shouted to the inventor. “I’m sorry,” the man replied. “I already told you. The switch broke. We have no control over Phil at all!” “Call him Prototype Blue,” Leader replied. “We will not talk about that thing like it is human! We NEED that switch to work. We NEED Prototype Blue to do this. The plan MUST work! It has been working fine for all of these years, and for the 692nd time, it FAILS?!”

“You are a disgrace for an inventor! You’re as inhuman as Prototype Blue! Without that stupid switch, who knows what Phil can do?” The inventor stared back at Leader. “You think this is my fault?!” He replied. “You have been destroying things over and over again, just because you know that you can redo it. You can technically do whatever you want. I have been working all these years just so you can tend to your selfish deeds. I’m not going to stand for it any more. I quit!”

As he was walking away, Leader pulled out a pistol and shot the inventor. Everyone around them turned around, and gasped. The inventor was dead. Leader’s hand shook nervously as he held the gun. “Whoops,” he said.

“You can’t do this to me,” Leader suggested, “I’m your president!” “You were,” one of the jail men said as they forced him into the open cell. They then closed the cell door and locked it. Leader tried to think of another way to convince them, but he was out of ideas. He had tried everything.

Now what would they do about Phil? Only Leader, the inventor, and the prototype guards had known about Phil. ‘Now that dumb robot can walk around doing basically anything he wants,’ Leader thought. This was now the 693rd accident he had made over the years, only this one was not on accident, and he couldn’t fix it. Leader sat down and started crying.

“Sie sind unter Arrest für dabei 6 Teenager, die mit physischen Kontakt,” the police officer said as he tried to put handcuffs on Phil. He quickly jerked his hand away. “Geben Sie mir Ihre Hand,” the police officer said. “SHUT UP!” Phil shouted. The police officer brought out a can of pepper spray. “GEBEN SIE MIR IHRE HAND!” Phil just stood there, and the officer sprayed him.

The spray had no effect on Phil. The police officer was aghast. Phil quickly grabbed the spray from his hand and sprayed the police officer in the face. The man started screaming in a German accent, and put his hands over face. Phil then grabbed the handcuffs off of his tool belt, locked them around the policeman’s hands, and stepped on the key. It shattered into many pieces. Phil stared at the screaming man. “I’m sorry,” he said, “But I really don’t think I am interested in going to jail.

Phil then walked into the police officer’s car, where the man had left his keys. Phil started
the car, closed the door, and rolled down the window. “Please understand that I hold policemen
in the highest respect,” he said, and drove away.

Phil drove until he found an airport. He heard an announcement saying that they were boarding for the 9:00 flight to New York. Phil immediately ran to the loading dock. He walked right past the ticket collector. “Sir, you need to give me your ticket,” she said. Phil just ignored her and walked on. He heard an alarm sound.

2 security guards came up to Phil. “Sir, get off this plane right now,” one of them said. The other one brought out some pepper spray. Phil laughed. He kept on walking as they sprayed him. They were shocked at his immunity. Phil finally reached the plane. He walked up to the front of the plane. Various people blocked him, but he shoved them out of the way.

The pilot just stared at him. “Turn off the alarm,” Phil said, “and start the plane.” The pilot nodded as a sweat ran down his face, and pressed a button. “You might w-want to g-get in a s-seat,” the pilot said nervously. Phil walked back and sat down in a seat with the rest of the passengers. The person sitting next to him immediately got up and ran to another seat.

“Where is Leader?” Phil asked the first person he saw. “Oh, you mean that idiot Gordon? The one who just killed a dude?” Phil stared at her awkwardly. “Yeah, I guess.” Phil said doubtfully. “He’s in the Washington D.C. prison,” she replied. “Be careful, though, he’s crazy.” Phil had just left the airport. He decided that he should go straighten things out with ‘Leader’. Phil thanked the woman, and took off running. He was gone before the lady had a chance to say ‘You’re welcome.’

Surprisingly, it only took less than 30 minutes for him to get to the Washington D.C. prison. When he got inside, he asked the person at the front desk if he could visit one of the prisoners there. “What is the name of the person you wish to speak to?” the man asked. “Well, I don’t know his full name,” Phil said, “but people know him as ‘Leader’ or ‘Gordon’.” “Come with me,” the man said. He walked through a door into a hallway with many cells. Each one had a person, reaching out to Phil, asking him to get them out of there.

In the last cell, he saw a man curled up in a ball, crying. “Leader?” Phil asked. “Phil?” the man asked as he looked up. It was Leader. “Well, what do you know,” Phil said, “Blue button boy ain’t lookin’ so tough anymore, is he?” “Phil,” he replied, “I’m so sorry about that. You didn’t deserve it. If you let me out of here, we can continue the mission.”

“The mission?” Phil asked. “Do you really think I care about the mission?” “Look, Phil,” Leader replied, “A long time ago, I made a big mistake. This was the same time a man had just finished building a time machine. I wanted to go back in time to fix my mistake, but the time machine would kill any mortals that went through it.”

“So, I asked him to create a robot to be able to send back in time and fix my mistake. It had to have feelings, because if it didn’t, it would just be a walking piece of junk, and nobody would believe that it’s really a human. That robot was you. However, every time you finished a mission, you would go crazy, like you are now-“ “You think I’M the crazy one?!” Phil asked. “I’m not the one in a freaking JAIL CELL!”

“Will you let me continue?” Leader asked. “As I was saying, we had to make a reset switch so that you would reset every time you went crazy. That is what the red button does. I admit it, I was crazy. I decided that since I could just redo it, I could do whatever I wanted. Yes, I started World War III on purpose. But now, Phil, I know better. Let me out, and America will be perfect. There will be no mistakes EVER. Please, Phil.”
Phil stared at Leader for a little bit. He thought about all that Leader had done. He couldn’t think of one good thing that Leader had done. He deserved to be in that jail cell. “It’s too late for that, ‘Gordon’,” Phil replied. He turned around and started walking away. He heard Leader crying again.


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