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The Dream

October 18, 2009
By Alycat07 BRONZE, Fall River, Massachusetts
Alycat07 BRONZE, Fall River, Massachusetts
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Chapter 1:

A dark corridor with just a window at the end. Blinding white light pours out of it. Palms sweaty, heart racing; this is my nightmare. Literally. Every night since I was 3 years old I have had this same dream at least once a night. I wake up to someone screaming my name in that dark hallway. “Jenny!” And I too wake up screaming my own name. At first my parents were concerned but after numerous test and no answers they gave up on worrying. Now they just hold me while I cry myself to sleep.

That damn light. You know it does hurt when there is only darkness then BAM! White light. Arghh when am I gonna wake up…these dreams do get boring after a while. It’s the same thing every night. Wander through a dark hallway see a white light then wake up when someone screams Jenny. Why can’t something new happen.

Okkk…why is no one screaming my name? Um right about now is the time I wake up crying and my dear parents lull me back to sleep. Wait… what was that? It sounded like it came from near the window. I took a step closer then stopped like I hit an invisible wall. Think Jenny. If this was a horror movie, everyone would be screaming “Don’t go towards the noise!” or maybe even “Don’t go towards the light!” It depends on what type of movie it is. Well since this isn’t a movie and it is in fact a dream that I can’t be hurt in, then what harm could it do to go near the source of the noise.

I took a couple of more steps toward the window. Wait there it is again! It sounded like someone crying. Hey this is more fun than usually…how exciting! A huge grin spread across my face but then I heard the small cry again and it became serious once again.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Are you ok?” I paused for an answer but none came. However the crying grew a little more fierce and defined. It now sounded like a small child perhaps a girl crying in the corner. The light coming from the window should have revealed if there was anyone there. Oh well, it’s just a dream. Let’s see why this little girl is crying.

I started a brisk walk towards the window. The light was really hurting my eyes but I was able to peer through the light to see what lies outside the window. There was a small garden with rosebushes lining it. Sitting at a child-sizeed white picnic table was a little girl with black braids tied with black ribbons.

Mommy…And out through the window I went. I knew I shouldn’t have gone near the window. Wow it’s really bright….

Chapter 2 next week hopefully.

The author's comments:
this is a continuing story but i never finish my novels so beg me fr my next chapter and maybe i can finally finish one. hope you like it and thanks for reading. happy reading!!

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on Mar. 23 2010 at 4:18 pm
Sydney(: BRONZE, N/a, New Hampshire
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I like this! My only critism is that in parts of it, you talk professionally but other parts you talk like a normal tennager talks. We all do this time to time, just try to avoid writing like you talk. But, other than that and a few gramatical errors, this was a very good piece! It leaves me anxious to read more! Keep writing!

And check out some of my **newer** work! (: !