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CHAPTER 8 ][ Making a Sacrifice [[ part 1]]

January 5, 2010
By CanYouSeeTheCrazy PLATINUM, Cle Elum, Washington
CanYouSeeTheCrazy PLATINUM, Cle Elum, Washington
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Kaiko ][ CHAPTER 8 – Making a sacrifice

After Mommy jumped in front of Daddy and she got stuck with something and fell, I think I was filled with what they had told me I would feel after a long time. It was like a feeling that took over me, and I had control of what I did but I didn't know how i did it. At first, I jumped over Mommy, and then I somehow made it so that I was still standing over Mommy, but at the same time I had run straight into the big bad man. I had no idea I could make him move, but he fell on his back and our door fell under us. Then, faster than I could see, I jumped up off of him, and I turned around to see the other me, still standing protectively in front of Mommy. I was still taken over by the weird feeling, and I made the other me run at the three people on one side of the big man, while I did the same on the other side. This whole time, they all stood around, too stunned to move.

When I ran straight at the big man I faintly heard Takeo scream, but I paid no attention.
For some reason, I was now totally focused on only knocking the man over, and nothing anyone could do would stop me.

Only a small part of my brain was turned on, the part that was controlling my movements and actions. I thought not once during the minutes that whizzed by while the other me and the real me fought with stranger after stranger with a force I had not known existed. In the very back of my mind that I wasn't paying attention to, I heard people screaming- Takeo, mixed with many other voices, and slowly the voices became less and less, until I was jumped out of my trance so fast that when I looked right away to my other me, I just barely caught a glimpse of the essence evaporating into me.

What stopped me was a hand. No, two hands. I felt one on each side of my stomach, holding so tightly I could not breathe. I wriggled and tried to pry the hairy, fat, tanned fingers, but they would budge only to grasp tighter. Now only one voice was screaming, and I knew who it belonged to. I twisted the upper part of my body around as much as I could, and what I saw made me wish I had not.

“Daddyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!” My scream rang out among the forests and echoed off the mountaintops, shaking the birds into a flurry and startling the resting snow. He was now the one standing in front of Mommy, but he had moved her onto one of our cots, and he was in a stance that said he would fight. Is he in the same kind of thinking that I was when I attacked those people? If that was the case, I knew from experience that I could not shake him from that unless he let down his guard any second.

As the people that I didn't make fall advanced, I saw a twinkle in his eye, just a split second before he jumped into the air and made two of them shoot each other with their own sleep dart. They both fell down forward, but he was already hitting two more people's heads against each other before the first two touched the ground. In a flash I could barely watch, Takeo, my father who has told me to never be violent if I can help it, grabbed some of the weapons he tried to arm himself with before the bad people got here. He threw the swords at three of the people in the front and threw small balls that blew up when they touched anything.

While that commotion was going on, the person keeping hold of me forgot about his duties, and rushed to help the other people. Taking a chance, I ducked outside using one of our windows so they would not hear or see the door. My thoughts were that I would go in through our secret outside entrance to the cellar Mommy and Daddy created if the bad people came and we had to hide. I found the rock with a bush on either side that marked the entrance. I could just barely fit into the tunnel that was dug before I was born, and I made my way under the earth, going slowly, for I could see nothing in front or behind me.

The author's comments:
the last chapter. enjoy! =]

read the book, Across the Nightingale Floor before reading these chapters. they are all a school project where i made a sequel to an original book.

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