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January 11, 2010
By oxStardustxo SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
oxStardustxo SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
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As I fluttered toward the ground, I heard God whispering to me. "Come," He murmured. "It is time for your spirit to come to Heaven."

Guilty, yet stubborn, I refused. There is no reason I should enjoy holiness just yet; I have yet to see the world. Yet I could tell that God was eager to have me up with the angels. That seemed a little overwhelming for a me, just a plain little oak leaf who has had such a simple life.

"I will go later," I promised Him silently. To my dear friend, the Wind, I called, "Take me away, dear Wind!"

"Sorry," Wind looked at me disapprovingly. "I have much to do: I must help the bees transfer their pollen, help Hurricane with his wrath, blow dandelion seeds away..."

I did well to act disappointed, but I climbed on Wind's broad, empty shoulders, and away I twirled.

The grassy fields we soared over were unlike anything I ever saw before, and when the vegetation swayed gently in rhythm to my Wind's footsteps, I felt as if they were waving to me. Wind also took the dandelion seeds in his invisible pockets, and dance he did with them, until they each waltzed out of the Wind's reach.

The bees, though, clearly noticed me as Wind helped carry their wings. When they winked at me, Wind looked in my direction, so I quickly ducked out of the way. The Queen Bee stared curiously at me, but said nothing as she licked the honey.

Wind took me to many places, and let me recognize the beauty of the world so that if I was ever on my same perch on Mother Oak, I would not look at the scenery the same, bored way that I once did.

I learned that love is stupid, but it is not pointless.

I learned that life is not supposed to last forever.

I learned that hope is there for you always.

With a dream fulfilled, I abandoned my body and let my spirit flutter up to God, who welcomed me with open arms.

The author's comments:
This little leaf is like us, who refuses to let go until a dream is fulfilled, and learns valuable lessons on the pathway there.

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