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The Black Rose Part 2

February 7, 2010
By bluerose BRONZE, YEllow Springs, Ohio
bluerose BRONZE, YEllow Springs, Ohio
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Then he ran away but i found a small peice of paper scrawled on it was a map of the island and a short note "met me by the old oak shown on the map ,Sean" I was about to scream,so i went back to my cabin remebering my joke to my dad i scaned over the situiation . Should i meet him should i not . I decided to meet him .Then i looked over to the clock 5:30 dinner time. So i Ran down to the mess hall and skidded to a stop next to my parents "watcha cooking Mom " I said as i tried to act normal,which was hard. "Oh nothing just spaggeti my mom said as she plooped down some noddels on her plate. so I just got my dinner and ate hurridly and got up . I looked at the clock 6:00. i dug the map out of my pocket and followed it into the relitivly creepy forest. Then I saw him same messy brown hair overwelming blue eyes. "So we meet again " I state . "So whats your name " he said. "shouldent you know since your the one stalking me so i geuss you dont since your asking Luna " i bluterd out irratadely. "Nice name you know my name. Sean Smith my parents are naturlists to . "soo what do you want. I asked . " oh nothing im just bored" he said ...Then we heard screams

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please like it ik know im a crappy writer i just want someone to like it

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