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A Strange Meeting

April 10, 2010
By guitar214 SILVER, Skokie, Illinois
guitar214 SILVER, Skokie, Illinois
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It was a dark and looming winter night, with the ground sleeping under a thick blanket of snow. A burly man trudged through the blanket, heaving heavy breaths. Snow was piled all around the edges of his partially shoveled path framing it like a small ravine. The man wore a white heavy coat, and a flannel scarf was wrapped around his neck. A howling wind blew towards him burning him with its icy passion. Up above a large full moon illuminated the night sky. The man's eyes were focused on the path in front of him, a seemingly endless trail of snow. Finally he reached a corner illuminated by a solitary streetlamp. He stood there waiting, his heavy breaths forming vaporous mists.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark figure approaching. He turned briskly to face it. The lamplight revealed the figure. It was a man in his twenties with a small goatee, and a skull cap. The burly man smiled quickly, and nodded in greeting.
"Have you got it?" inquired the goateed man.
"Yeah, I got it" the burly man replied.
"Did you have any problems? Remember we don't want them finding out about it."
"I wouldn't worry too much about that, Ryan. We have all of them pegged. If anything happens my men will handle it."
The burly man took out a small briefcase and handed it to the man called Ryan. Ryan looked at him in suspicion.
"We don't know if we have all of them pegged. There's something about all of this that seems like a trap. If we fail again, there will be consequences. Reynauld is not a forgiving man. We must reconstruct the process exactly. If you got faulty info from AstroTex, we're screwed man. And I'm gonna take the heat for this. This better be the precise data."
Ryan took the briefcase from the burly man, and reached into his pocket. He produced, and rubber band bound stack of 100 dollar bills.
"There's your advance Mr. McDaniel. We'll be in contact" he said.
The burly man blinked, and took the significant sum presented to him. Ryan stalked off the street corner in haste, and opened the door to his parked car. The man called Mr. McDaniel turned around, and headed back the way he came.

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