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Jack Cullens and the Adventures of the Golden Necklace

June 16, 2010
By Kitty22 BRONZE, Hudson, Colorado
Kitty22 BRONZE, Hudson, Colorado
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" God has a reason for everything"

Chapter One: The Discovery of a Future Legend

One day in the middle of July , Riza’s hottest month, 17 year old Jack was sent to town by his mother to fetch some items for the party his family was hosting that evening for the birth of his older sister’s first child. Jack loved to go to the market, there was always something new and exciting to see there. His favorite booth had always been that of the famous magician ,Francesco. As a kid he had always loved looking at all the new and exciting treasures that Francesco had always brought back with him after visiting distant lands. Today though there was something extra special that Francesco had brought back with him from his recent journey to the small city of Luna. It was a golden necklace with a small star shaped glass pendant on it. It was very beautiful and Jack knew he had to see it with his own eyes. Once Jack got close enough to see this breathtaking item, he said “Francesco, where did you find this beautiful necklace?”. “ I bought it from a merchant from a faraway land, he said it was supposedly magic or something once, but I don’t believe him.” said Francesco. “Can I at least try it on?” asked Jack. “Sure” said Francesco not really caring anymore “actually you can just have it if you want, it’s basically worthless.” “ Thank you so much” said Jack elated about his new prized discovery. Jack headed home to show his new gift to his family. “ Look what I got from Francesco today at the market” said Jack delighted by the dazzling necklace he had just discovered. Busy with the party and not really paying him or the necklace very much attention his family just commented on the necklace by saying “Nice”. That night, Jack examined the necklace carefully thinking about what Francesco had said that day about the necklace having magical powers and then he discovered that when he put the necklace on it started glowing brightly all over his room. “ Wow!” said Jack who was know extremely curious about what exactly this magical necklace could do. He tried for hours to discover the true power of this magical wonder. “ I wish I knew who the previous owner of this necklace was, maybe he could tell me what it does?” Then all of a sudden a cloud of blue mist surrounded Jack and transported him to the home of the necklace’s former owner. “ Amazing! it’s a necklace that grants wishes!” Out of nowhere, there was a sound of someone walking towards him asking who was there.

The author's comments:
This piece is set in a made up arabian style country and it is about a boy who finds a star shaped golden necklace which he later finds out is magical and can grant powerful wishes, Jack learns that he is also the true saver and that he only he alone can save his country from a horrible assassin that is planning to kill the king of Jacks country, so that he can dominant the entire country and become king.

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