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Mike & Ben are GOLD DIGGERS

August 30, 2010
By starryeyed10 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
starryeyed10 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Crunch, crunch, crunch, went the small twigs and leaves bathing the parched dirt below the four synchronized intruding paws, heavily landing on delicate leaves at each long stride. The cool summer air was crisp with the smell of falling leaves, parting from their tall protectors for the cold winter months to come. Michael and Ben thrashed through this thick wood after their Newfoundland, Rex, who was easily maneuvering, with his tongue flapping around in the air no less, as fast as he would when their mom had just made brownies. Breaths heaving, the brothers ignored the multiplying cuts that were painting their bodies as they charged after the hound.
“I got ya’!” Ben finally yelled, hurdling as he normally would in a track meet and grabbing hold of his pup. Mike caught up and both boys knelt over, catching their breaths. After a minute or so, Mike looked up, realizing he did not recognize their location. “Uh, Ben, which way’s home?” Joining his younger sibling in a stance, Ben glanced around uneasily; as the dependant one, he would not stand for letting his little brother in on his nervousness. “Oh, its right that way Mike, don’t worry,” he said, pointing in a downhill direction. Each boy grabbed hold of Rex’s collar and headed on their way home. With each stride, the hill began to get steeper; the steeper the hill, the faster Rex dragged both boys along. It eventually became so steep that with one last tug by rex on the resisting brothers, their bodies gave in and sent them rolling down the hill, Rex bounding after happily during this new game of his. “Hmph”, “Owch!”, went each boy as they crashed into a towering old Birch. Rex attacked his new toys, licking their faces as they revived from their fall. “Ya’ okay Michael?” “Ugh, think so.” The bruised duo slowly arose, brushing off their worn down t-shirts and grass stained khaki shorts. Mike’s mouth dropped as he gaped at the giant structure before them. Its bark an intricate maze, Mike couldn’t help but follow the lines around the natural skyscraper, with Ben rounding the opposite way. It took both boys a minute to process whet they next discovered; before their very own eyes was a glimmering hole, the size of a doorway, made of multiple colors. Its makeup was questionable, however Rex made his eagerness to find out clear: he used his strength to the fullest against the resisting Ben.
“Wha-what is it?” Mike blurted out.
“I’m sorry Mike, but this time I have no clue” Ben replied, “I mean we are obviously lost and I cant hold back Rex for too long; you wanna’ find out?”
“Lets do it!” Mike replied with a smile so wide all his teeth were showing; it wasn’t often that his brother brought him on his cool adventures. Grabbing each other’s hand, they let Rex lead them cascading into the portal.
They landed in a musty cave filled with dirty men, all keeping to themselves in their working. The dust was hard to overcome and left mike coughing up a storm. Rex of course was immediately up to mischief, and Ben grabbed Mike as to not lose him amongst the lagging men and boys surrounding them. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Ben spotted a glimmering gold pellet, and dove to grab it off the dirt ground. He finally realized what was going on, the Gold Rush. As he turned to inform his brother of their amazing discovery however, he saw the portal shutting while a deep voice from the direction of the gold demanded, “Aye!”

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