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Alone in the dark

October 26, 2010
By Msheikh92LB BRONZE, Gujranwala, Other
Msheikh92LB BRONZE, Gujranwala, Other
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I woke up startled; gasping for air. I was confused and couldn’t remember anything at all. I was in a hospital of some kind judging by the beds, medical equipment and the white tiles. But something was wrong. All the beds were empty and a single light flickered in the middle of the room. It was creepy. I sat up and felt a sudden pain shot through my head and my hand shot up instinctively. I felt a huge gash at the back of my head; half healed and with stitches. I couldn’t remember how I got that and assumed it was the reason I was in this hospital. I got up and walked cautiously to the door. I slowly peered out. No one was out there. I wasn’t gonna walk out there defenseless. I grabbed the first weapon I found – a metal stand for IV drips. I went back to my bed and picked up my chart and tried to read it but most of it was destroyed. My name, address, and any contact numbers were all gone. All that was left was my diagnosis. I had been in coma for 17 days. And I was expected to have amnesia when I woke up. I walked to the door and peeked out again, then took a deep breath and walked out.

It wasn’t a pretty sight. There was blood and what looked like pieces of human flesh everywhere. On the walls, floors and doors. The filthy stench of rotting meat hung in the air, gagging me and making me cough up blood. It painfully stung the inside of my nose making breathing almost impossible. Using my mouth to breath was worse; the bitter taste of human flesh clung to the back of my throat making me choke. I tried to ignore the stench and moved forward. The hallway seemed empty except for two bodies at the very end where two other hallways connected. I reached the end and knelt down. Two doctors; one male and one female laid there. The male wasn’t in good shape and was surrounded in a pool of dry blood. Both bodies were cold. I turned the female over. She was beautiful even in death. She had straight long black hair and a soft innocent face. She had pretty eyes and a smooth neck perfect except for that bite mark right at her jugular. I pulled up an eye lid; there was no glow in those dead eyes but I’m sure she used to have beautiful eyes when she was alive. I looked down to her name tag. “Dr. Mona”, her name was. I stroked her face with two of my fingers. I would have liked her if I knew her. I turned as a gleam caught my eye. It was a ring on her slender fingers. Humph, she was already taken. Her hand was outstretched, near the male’s hand. They must have died holding hands. Truly sad. There was something in his clenched other hand; it was a ring box, the type wedding rings were presented in. I looked back to the ring on her hand. Still shiny and brand new. He must have proposed to her just before they died. Or were killed. Something strange and sinister was here. Something that went wrong. Terribly wrong. An animal attack maybe? I don’t know. I couldn’t tell. The bite mark on Mona’s neck awfully looked human-like. Something rustled behind me and I jumped to my feet suddenly on the defensive. The only working light in the hallway flickered ominously and I felt my heart start to pound. My eyes darted at the shadows and I clutched the metal stand that was my only weapon more tightly. I heard a croaking noise to my left and suddenly swung towards it raising that thin metal pipe up just in time to stop a disfigured little beast from ravaging my face. It was strong and it knocked me to the floor. I kicked it away from me momentarily stunning it. I quickly got back on my feet into a defensive stance. It was a horribly mutated human, female, short, about 4 feet tall, wearing a small scarf like thing on its head. It was a zombie.

It rushed at me again but this time I struck it before it came too close. I had to think. Zombies; the living dead, reanimated human bodies with a need of human flesh. I may have been an amnesiac but I knew how to deal with zombies. Strike them at their weakest spot- their head. I swung the stand caving in its skull and then forced it up against the wall crushing its ribs in the process. It started shrieking wildly and I swung the stand one last time to silence it. Just when I thought the worse was over , I felt something rumbling behind the wall and something crashed through it. It was a huge zombie, about 6 and a half feet tall, male, heavily built, black curly hair, a small beard and a crazed look on its face. Its tiger-like roar echoed through the hallway making the light flicker more. It saw the little zombie crumpled against the wall and roared one more time before charging me. It was fast – too fast. Its huge shoulder connected with my body propelling me twenty feet away, knocking the breath out of me. I lay there on the floor gasping for air wondering if this was the end but then the zombie stopped. It bounded back to the small zombie and cradled it in his arms and let out a mournful howl. It slowly walked away back into the hole it made in the wall. It must have been the little zombie’s mate. I regained my breath and got back on my feet. I picked up my trusted weapon and started to move forward again. Something was wrong. Mona’s body was not there anymore. I turned and suddenly something clawed at my face. It was Mona, she was a zombie too. She batted my weapon away and pounced on me, biting my flesh off me. My blood started spraying all over her and soon I was drenched in my own blood. She reached down and grabbed my jugular with her fangs, and I tried to push her away wildly but it was useless. She tore my throat out and I fell heavily to the floor into a pool of my own blood. It was over. I clutched my throat feeling my life slowly fade away from me. My vision was going dark. The last thing I saw was Mona……………

The author's comments:
The darkness can be interpreted in 2 ways .

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