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January 12, 2011
By CaraBlane BRONZE, So. Whitley, Indiana
CaraBlane BRONZE, So. Whitley, Indiana
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“Dad?” I stood at the door of his study and waited for him to look at me. He hadn’t been home for a couple nights and I really wanted to see him again.

“Hey, sweetheart,” I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. I missed him so much. He sat in the big leather chair behind his desk and held me tight to his chest. I felt so safe when he held me. I felt safe when he was around, when I was in his arms. He gave me that sense of security that I needed. He left me in the house on my own. I hated when he left.
I stayed with him all night, making sure that he didn’t leave me again. I didn’t want to be alone again. I didn’t want to loose him.
That was three years ago. A few days after that, I never saw him again. Three men walked into our house, beat my dad down, took him in a van and left. The last time I saw my dad was in the cupboard under the stairs. I saw everything, from the fight, to one of the men getting a cattle prod and shocking him, to seeing them haul him out in handcuffs. I didn’t leave that cupboard until I was sure that they were gone. When I came out, there was no sign of a break in, no signs of a struggle. Nothing.
I never understood why that happened until I met with some of my dad’s old friends. My dad was taken away from me because he was a Power. There were many different things that my dad could do that no ordinary human could ever do. Powers have different abilities that no normal human could ever do. Both of my parents were extraordinary with their powers.
The people that took him away call themselves Seekers. They go looking for any reason to take a Power away from their homes. They have taken so many that it’s unreal.
The Seekers never know that you’re a Power until you use it. They think that you’re just as ordinary as any other being on this planet. They don’t take you away until you use the power to harm humans or other Powers, or, at least that is how it used to be. They think now that they can take you anytime and in anyway they want
A long time ago, all Powers used to look to the Seekers and the Government for protection, but now, it’s what we all have to fight.

I was now living down in the basement of my new home, the Museum of Art in New York. Even though I hate crowded places, down here was kind of nice. I had made friends with the old night janitor and he was able to get me a job here as a tour guide. He looked after me. All of his kids were out of the house and his wife was taken so many years ago like my parents.
I walked around with my new group, just doing my usual job. I answered questions about the paintings by Monet and DiVinci and about how a sixteen-year-old girl like me could get a job working here and how I don’t have to go to school anymore. I absolutely hated people like that.
The truth is, I got this job thanks to my good friend. He gave the resume and let me meet the man who is in charge. I absolutely stunned the boss when I told him about everything I knew about the paintings in the whole museum. He had no clue that some one of my age could know so much about these priceless works
By the time I was able to shoo the rest of my group out of the museum, the group of high schoolers started filing in. I went down and changed out of the fancy dress that I had to wear for my job and found some more comfortable clothes. I hated letting people like them know that I was smarter then them.
I found my favorite blue jeans and a white tee. I looked at the small mirror and looked at my reflection. Everyday I was starting to look more and more like my dad. I had his same wavy jet, black hair. His same bright grey eyes.
I walked back upstairs and saw the entire place filled with sophomores. I never expected so many of them. I saw that the rest of my co-workers were a little perturbed by so many of them.
I looked at all of them and started to get a headache. I could see all of their pasts, knew all of their name. I could see their ancestry. I knew where their lines descended. I could see all of it.
I walked around, having more and more of the peoples past fill my mind. I soon started to get a headache that became increasingly more dangerous that I blocked out all of them. I have never had that many people run through my mind before.
Not even a handful of them were Powers. As far as I could tell, only one was a Power. He knew that he was different, but he hasn’t figured out how or why yet. He was very powerful. He could make things move. He had telechonisis. Both of his parents weren’t Powers. They had died in the World Trade Center. He lived with his aunt, uncle, and grandmother. I searched farther back into his past. No one in his line was ever a Power. He was the first in a long line of mere humans (yes my Power is really creepy)
I felt that he could help me with what I needed. I could tell that the Seekers were just waiting for him to use his power. Waiting for him to hurt some stupid human that gets into his way. I couldn’t let that happen. I felt that it was the only way I would be able to find my parents. I would be able to help him to know what to do to keep away from the Seekers.
“Hello,” I said, walking up to him.
“Hi.” He stared at one of the paintings with much curiosity.
“They call her ‘Raggazza Con I Capelli Biondi’,” He looked at me. Bright green eyes. Behind them I knew what he was thinking. “I am not one of those rich snobs that you go to school with. I know Italian as well as I do English. Trust me.”
“Last time I trusted someone, I lost them.” He met another Power about two months ago. She showed him what he could do with his power and how well he could do it.
“Sawyr,” He looked at me as if I was crazy. I probably knew more about him than he did.
“How do you know Sawyr?”
“Because I can see your past. I know what happened to her.”
“Really? Where is she? What happened to her?”
“The Seekers have her.” Three men walked in. They wore the same white suits that all Seekers did. I knew these men. I have had many encounters with them. “Let me ask you Jeremiah, have you ever used your power?”
“Well it would be better for us if you could right now.” I nodded towards the door where the three men stood. They were looking for us. I could sense it. “Follow my lead and maybe they won’t bother us.” I wrapped my arm around his and we walked into the statues room. The bad thing was, they were following us. They knew who we were. “Try to summon your power.”
“Do it now! Or it will be the last time you will see anyone you love for a long time.” I whispered into his ear.
He shut his eyes and tried to concentrate. He tried to find it. He wouldn’t be able to do it in time. I let go of his arms and turned toward the three men. They looked a little perturbed.
“Hello again boys. I have one question for you. Will you ever stop chasing my family around?”
The bigger of them stood in front. He had a cattle prod in his hands. He tried to look menacing, but failed miserably.
“We need you to come with us,” He turned on the prod and pointed towards my chest.
“I would, but I can’t.” I went into their minds and started distorting their memories. I made them believe more and more things that were never true. I took away some of their fondness memories and replaced them with my own distorted images. Their minds soon turned into nothing. They soon dropped to their knees waiting for me to stop hurting them their screams filled the hall as their minds fell under my control.
When I let go, they fell to the ground, panting, sweating. They still screamed with such ferocity that people started to draw a crowd. I walked back over to Jeremiah and saw his face. He was stunned with disbelief. His face was pale.
“Come on we have to go,” The crowd started to grow more and more. I headed out the door with him by my side. I heard him asking questions but over the screams of not only the men but of other people he was barley audible. I looked out the front door and saw one police cruiser sitting outside the museum. I knew that there would be more on their way at anytime.
I grabbed his arm and dragged him out the back alley. I ran down the alley and tried to distance myself from the museum. I felt his hand on my shoulder and he brought me back against the wall of the building behind me.
“I am not going any farther until you tell me what you did to those men and who they were.” He pressed me harder against the wall waiting for answers.
“I’ll do the same to you if you don’t let go of me.” He let off and I rubbed my shoulders. “They call themselves Seekers. They find Powers like you and me and try to put them in a government prison. That is where your Sawyr is. That is also where my parents are. What I did to them was just give them a sever migraine and destroyed some of their memories.”
“Why should I trust you?”
“Because I am the only one who can help you get your Sawyr back.” He didn’t seem to believe me. The only way that I could make him believe me was to show him were she was and what she was doing right now. “Grab my hands.”
“Do you want to see her or not?”
He still looked wearily at me. I grabbed his hands and showed him Sawyr’s mind. I let him see Sawyr in that cell that they keep her in and heard him make a small noise. I let go of her and of his hands.
“So you’re telling me the truth?”
“Yes all of this is true. Everything is true. Now do you want to save her or not?” he looked down at me not knowing what to say. “Just to let you know. Those Seekers have no clue who you are. They have no memory of you. They only saw me. That was the memory that I left ingrained into their minds.” He cringed at the thought. “So do you drive?”
“Yeah. What does that have to do with anything?”
“Can you hotwire a car?”
“No. Still don’t get what it has to do with anything.”
“How far away is your house?”
“It’s downtown.” I stared at him kind of confused.
“You know that I haven’t been outside that Museum in almost a year, right?” He just laughed.

The author's comments:
It's always funny how fast something in your life can be taken away.

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