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Windblown Sort

May 3, 2011
By tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
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Jerry McKinney put on brown alligator leather shoes. He was about 6.5, dark black hair that reached his shoulders, dark green eyes that some one could have mistaken for HQ lenses from far away. He wasn’t too skinny nor was he too chubby, more like muscular but not James Bond either. Maybe a boxer. His nose looked like someone had just broken it yesterday, but the truth was he had gotten it broken soo bad in a street fight that even the doctors could do nothing to fully heal it.

Jerry put on his velvet suit for special occasions, he didn’t know why he was putting it on now when all he knew was that Kenny had wanted him to wear it when he met her today. Jerry didn’t have many suits, he didn’t feel comfortable in them. He was more of a Denim/ t-shirt and jeans/shorts guy.

Jerry’s job was that most people didn’t know about. Well to tell the truth nobody knew except of course the people he worked with. Jerry McKinney was a F.B.I agent working with the a secret unit called the NETWORK. The NETWORK was a unit of F.B.I’s top picked agents who are posted to locations all over the world with a fake identity . They go about doing their normal life work until the F.B.I is in need of them or are asked to leave their post for one or another reason. Jerry McKinney lives in the suburbs of Italy, and his second job was a teacher, well it was ‘till yesterday. It had been two years since Jerry had corresponded face to face with anyone from the F.B.I. So it was really a shock for Jerry to see one of his old teammates standing outside the door after he had dismissed his kids. A shock he got over fast since he knew she (Kenny or Kenneth Gardener) was probably there to either inform him that his post had been changed or she had a job for him. Jerry most likely thought the latter because of guts, besides any of the two could have been done by phone or E-mail.

“ So you ready?” Jerry looked up into Kenney’s face. He had known that Kenny was in the house when he heard the window open.
“ You know that the door was open?” Jerry replied to Kenny’s light voice with his beep and low voice.
“ Yea, well that just show’s me just how reckless you’ve gotten in these past years,” Kenny replied. She wore a green blouse with a black blazer on top that matched her skinny jeans. Kenny’s clothes matched her features. You could also say her frame, but anyway Kenny had natural Hawk red hair a smooth face round nose and she came to about Jerry’s shoulders. She was what you would call Broadway material. Jerry still couldn’t believe that she was the same tom boy who had shared same video games and those tough high school days with him. At least she still has the same personality, Jerry thought.
“ Reckless, maybe. Besides if I hadn‘t wanted you to you wouldn‘t be standing here. And by the way I knew from the star when you entered my house.”
“ Ugh, I see your still as cocky as ever,” Kenny said as she scanned the house. “ I don’t know how you can live here?”
“ By breathing,” Jerry said as he tied his hair back with a purple band.
“ Oh, what a surprise,” Kenny said sarcastically. “ By the way has your hair gotten longer or what.”
“ Well, at least you noticed that. I thought all that hard work was gonna go to waste,” Jerry said with a satisfied grin spreading on his face.
“ Yep, you’re the same and as still in love with your hair as you were then,” Kenny said, grinning from teeth to teeth.
“ Well, you can’t fall out of love as easy as you can fall in it. can you or are you as heartless as always?”
“ HaHa, very funny, but tell me how long are you going to keep it that way?” Kenny asked.
“As long as I want to now will you tell me where we’re going. And seriously did we have to get rid of my car?” Jerry mumbled as he held the door open for her. He didn’t mind getting a cab what he did mind was coming home to find it booby trapped or worse redecorated. Well that would take some time to explain to the landlord. He didn’t trusty her with his possessions not after what happened before they parted, and not after she stole his car form the school garage and had sold it to a cheap. Telling him that it was a favor. Hugh. It was going to be a hell of a time, Jerry thought as he followed after Kenny.

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this is the start of a novel!!!!

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