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Fallen Angel

May 21, 2011
By Sephra SILVER, Ottawa, Illinois
Sephra SILVER, Ottawa, Illinois
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Dream as if you'll live
Live as if you'll die

I walked out of the forest, bare feet scraped and bleeding. Lynx came stumbling behind me, for a faerie he was extremely uncoordinated.
"Sephra! Where are we going?" Lynx cried. I paused...
"I'm going to fly," I was a Fallen Angel, fallen from grace. I believed more in the Earth , and her soul, more than the world around me.
"Fallen Angels aren't supposed to fly though! Stop trying to run away from the past." Lynx said. That struck a chord and I ran for he oncoming cliff.
My wings started beating as fast as my heart; I yearned for flight. When I got to the edge, I jumped. Lynx called my name an octave higher than usual. I flapped my wings a couple of times and-
"Sephra you can't fly anymore!," but I was already falling.
The cold, twilight air chafed my skin and whipped my long, black hair in every direction. Just when I started to be myself again, and overhang clipped my gliding wings, sending me into a spiral towards the roaring rapids below.
At times I saw Lynx trying to dive after me but he just couldn't reach me.
"Sephra!-" I was backwards looking up into his fear, until I hit cold water. I was tossed around, my body hitting anything in the way. Disoriented and confused I couldn't find my sky, an I was running out of air. Crimson-red water enveloped me as the water calmed, and every pat of me throbbed. I felt broken.
I swam the way I was sure there was sky, pain shooting through every nerve. I surfaced and oxygen filled my screaming lungs. I saw a beach, worn away by time, and found myself slowly drifting towards it.

When I finally pulled myself onto the beach, I went to push my hair back our of my face. i pulled away when I felt warm, sticky blood oozing from my left temple. The tears then slowly came, washing away my vision, leaving my mind blur to memories.
I'd realized after all I'd been through, I didn't want to die. I hadn't done what I'd wanted my imprint on this new, small world was small. I'd done nothing to change everything.
My body felt limp and I reluctantly laid down on the sand, my lower body still under crimson water.
I tried to keep my eyes open but I couldn't. Instead they closed leaving no light for the memories. But my mind still wandered.. wandered to Lynx. He'd been there my whole life on Earth and he was more than my guide, ally and brother in arms.
Seconds that felt like minutes, and minutes that felt like hours went by, until I felt like I'd been laying in this paralyzed stupor for days... months.
Lynx came running down the beach, for once landing almost flawlessly.
"Sephra? Are you okay?... Sephra?!" there was panic in his voice as he must have realized the crimson on my dress and my battered self. I opened my eyes to his scared face. He had always looked childish to me, but the fear furrowing his brow and creasing is forehead made him look almost old.
"Who... who am I?" It took more effort than I'd expected.
"Sephra... you're you." He was confused and his fear stepped aside for only a moment.
"No... I mean... WHO am I..." every pause in my voice brought me closer to death. "What am I leaving behind? Nothing I've done... has been significant." My breath was coming so shallow, I was sipping through mud..
"Everything you've done to this hell of a condemned Earth has been significant. You've mended some of the broken seams of this place, kept this world together." What? Noting was making sense. All I remember doing was going village to village, using their supplies, playing with their children, using my powers to heal the sick and injured. I guess I HAD done some things to help, but they were for selfish reasons, bartering to go back into my Sky. "They'll remember you, what you did, who you've saved. I'll remember you... You are love Sephra, very much." I hadn't noticed. I'd made long, tenuous friendships here on Earth, I'd learned to laugh and cry, things not allowed in the Heavens I was from. I learned to FEEL... But I had never understood love.
The way a mother looks into her child's eyes, the way her child looks at his little dog, the way the dog looks back at them both tongue lolling about. The way a lover looks deep into his partner's eyes and can see his own life reflecting back. Yeah, that's love. I've never understood it, but I'd realized I'd felt it.
"I...I... j-just don't ever leave me..." I managed to mutter.
"Don't leave me either Sephra... You just can't... " His voice became soft an his sky blue eyes foggy and gray, where tears began to gather. I closed my eyes once more, I couldn't stand to see him in pain. "I love you, Sephra" I thought I heard him mutter as he put his nose against mine. Ice against Fire.
I felt his warm lips against my forehead inch lower until they were against my own cold ones. They lingered for what felt like eternity and he pulled away, his warm tears falling against my skin.
He and his warmth started fading from my senses and I knew I was gone. My body slowly grew even colder and I slipped from another world once more... but this time forever.

The author's comments:
This is something I just came up with one day. A stranger in a dying world that had emotions she was never allowed to experience. I hope that people can see that love is something nobody understands but everyone feels. It's a short pointless story but I felt good writing it... and that's all that matter's right?

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Sephra SILVER said...
on Jun. 4 2011 at 9:14 pm
Sephra SILVER, Ottawa, Illinois
6 articles 0 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:
Dream as if you'll live
Live as if you'll die

thank you :3 believe it or not this story is actually really short for me... I will most definitely keep writing ^-^

TheScribe said...
on Jun. 1 2011 at 9:45 am
TheScribe, Wheelersburg, Ohio
0 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
I have CDO. It's like OCD, except the letters are all in alphabetical order. LIKE THEY SHOULD BE.

I loved this! It was incredible! Haha good job, I really enjoyed myself lol. Keep oooooon writin'!! Lol :)