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An Unusual Encounter

June 22, 2011
By LittleBlue GOLD, Simpsonville, South Carolina
LittleBlue GOLD, Simpsonville, South Carolina
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The U.S. Navy was financing an underwater exploratory expedition, using the research submarine, the James. The object of the expedition was to explore a section of the ocean that hadn't really been explored as-of-yet, but where satellites showed oil could possibly be found.

The crew consisted of three men: two pilots, both naval officers, and a man that operated the research equipment. The vessel was about five foot by nine foot.

The day of launch was a sunny, beautiful March day with a soft, refreshing breeze. The two pilots saluted just before they crawled into the small sub. As the team descended into the dark waters and turned on the headlights, Lieutenant McFurman opened a topographical map for assistance in to navigating to their destination.

“The map says there's a certain spot where the oil is closest to the surface, if there is oil down here. It's... yeah, at 11 o'clock,” pointing in that direction. So they headed that way. As McFurman recognized features on the ocean floor that he saw on the map, he instructed the other lieutenant where to go.

Finally they approached the point indicated on the map, and saw that they had to enter a sort of cave. As they did so, one of the crewmen turned on the equipment that would verify whether there was oil down there.

“Yep,” he said. They maneuvered around inside the cave, looking around.

“Hey, did something just move out there?” one of the men said. McFurman hadn't seen it, but said,

“Probably just a fish...” But then they all saw it. As they moved the sub around more and looked around, they saw some dark mass that stretched along the entire inside of the cave. It was all moving.

Then one of them saw a portion of it move away from the rest. It was like...

“Is that a head?” They all watched in horror as they saw two snake-like eyes sparkle in the lights of the sub. The head was massive. Probably over half the size of a man.

McFurman reached over the arm of the other pilot and shoved the control wheel forward. The sub lurched toward the opening of the cave. Just as they were clear of the hole and several feet off, and sighing in relief, they saw that horrible head coming out of the cave and following them, followed by a long body that was more like that of an eel.

The crewmen looked forward and up, to the surface, where their tending ship waited, but then looked back and knew they wouldn't make it. No, the monster probably couldn't swallow the whole sub, but could jam up the propeller or something and send them to the ocean floor.

“Get an armed sub down here now!” McFurman radioed to the tending vessel.

“Why, what's-”

“Now!” About half a minute later of circling, trying to buy time with the snake/eel thing, the team saw a navy submarine enter the water and rush toward them. Now this sub wasn't as “fat” as the research sub, so the snake/eel thing altered its course toward it (that sub could actually be swallowed, perhaps). The team in the research sub watched as the monster opened it's ugly mouth as it rushed at the newly-come submarine. Suddenly the sub shot out a torpedo and curved off to the left, the torpedo gliding into the beast's mouth. Then the explosion came. The body of the snake/eel thing, in multiple parts, fell to the ocean floor.

The three-man team of the research sub still looked a little shaken, but glanced at each other and grinned in relief.

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